Sep 20, 2021

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that three Israeli rockets struck Syrian military outposts near the Damascus on Wednesday night.The attack allegedly took place on the road leading to the city of Daraa, though there were no reports detailing the damage or casualties.

Reuters reported that a source in the military of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad denied the report, claiming that there were no Israeli armed strikes inside Syria on Wednesday. The Hezbollah TV station Al-Manar has also denied that report.

Israeli government has not responded to the report, as is their usual policy. If the report is true, it will be the second time Israel has struck inside Syria since Russia deployed forces there.

Last month, Syrian opposition forces claimed the IAF struck Hezbollah truck convoys carrying SCUD missiles on the Syrian border with Lebanon. At the time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a rare admission that Israel “is active from time to time in Syria”.

In December, the IAF allegedly struck in Damascus, killing Hezbollah terrorist Samar Kuntar.

With Russia’s advanced S-400 anti-aircraft system deployed in Syria, it may be that Israel is operating there with Russia’s consent.