Aug 10, 2022
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Every year in March, the Holy City of Jerusalem plays host to an exciting race known as the Jerusalem Marathon. Enthusiasts from all over the world compete in the race, running anywhere from five kilometers to a full marathon distance of 42.2 kilometers.

Often, marathon participants run for their favorite charity, in an effort to raise both funds and awareness for a cause that is important to them. Each year, tens of thousands of dollars are donated by sponsors and runners alike, bringing relief to dozens of organizations in Israel who rely on the funds raised at the marathon to support their work.

This year, Israel365 staff, in partnership with Breaking Israel News, has decided to participate in the excitement of the Jerusalem Marathon by running, jogging, and walking their way to the finish line.

Like many others, Israel365 is running for a cause that is close to their hearts. “As a group, we decided to raise funds to bring joy to sick children in Jerusalem,” shared Tsivya Fox, Head of Client Relations at Breaking Israel News. “We all felt that this was an opportunity to do something wonderful for those in need.”

The Jewish holiday of Purim, which takes place this year the week after the marathon, is an apropos time to bring happiness to those who most need it. Jews around the world celebrate their survival over the “Final Solution” evil decree of the King of Persia, declared in 357 BCE. The holiday is celebrated by men, women, and children dressing up in costumes, delivering food packages (called mishloach manot in Hebrew) to friends and family and with an overall atmosphere of merriment.

However, for ill children and their families, Purim holds little opportunity for celebration. In order to ensure these kids have a Purim to remember, Israel365 will be bringing them a party like they’ve never seen!

Orly Gibson, Office Manager for Israel365 related: “We’re hoping to raise enough money to make this party a blast! Balloons, clowns, music, face paint…the works!”

In order to make this dream a reality, Israel365 has opened its doors to Breaking Israel News fans. With the option to sponsor a runner, donate to the cause, or even run with the team, people from all over the world can lend a hand in showing these beautiful children they too deserve an exciting holiday.

“We are looking forward to personally meeting as many of our Breaking Israel News readers as possible on the starting line in Jerusalem,” noted Rabbi Tuly Weisz, founder of Israel365. “Should that not be possible, we pray that people will join us in spirit by supporting our efforts to bring joy to unwell children. They too deserve an exciting holiday.”