Jun 29, 2022
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In an outlandish show of support for suicide bombings, The Promise of Islamic Art, a pro-Hamas Lebanese band, released a music video on Saturday in which they proudly sing about blowing up Israeli buses.

In the six-minute video set against the backdrop of an Egged bus smoking, the band depicts the stages of planning and implementing a bus bombing, including a montage of paid actors who portray unsuspecting ultra-Orthodox Jewish bus passengers.

Passion for the cause is etched on every qaffiya-sporting singer’s face as they glorify the actions of Palestinian “martyrs”. Interspersed throughout the song are photos of these terrorists, such as the killers of Eitam and Naama Henkin and Yahya Ayyash (Hamas’s deceased chief bombmaker).

To give the song a more family-friendly feel, the clip also shows the suicide bomber as a caring father who is killing Jews as part of his ultimate mission to provide his children with a better life.

The chorus of the song unquestionably summarizes the entire message: “Gird yourself, o most honorable of men, with an explosive belt, because nothing will satisfy the intifada except blowing up buses.”