Jun 13, 2021


Long-time Breaking Israel News contributor and Remi Award winning producer, Harry H. Moskoff has just released this new short film showing where the clues to the secret location of the Temple vessels and treasures may actually lie today.

This fascinating video also has exclusive interviews with US Presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee as well as other media personalities expressing their powerful views on how archaeological discoveries in Israel are now strengthening Israeli sovereignty, and changing the status quo in the region.

It also provides a unique solution to the wave of terrorism that Israel is currently experiencing, and how finding these ancient holy artifacts can, and will, have a hand in determining the future of the State of Israel.

Moskoff says that the idea is to raise awareness of the significance that these holy Temple vessels hold for all of us today, and now that the location information is actually coming available, he is planning to do a follow-up presentation and lecture in the near future at the City of David – Ancient Jerusalem site.  Anyone that is interested in attending can send a message to reserve on Moskoff’s Facebook page.

Harry Moskoff can be contacted for comments, or regarding his upcoming presentations, excavations, etc. at legal@moskoff-media.com.