Jan 22, 2021

A startling new study published by the University of Jordan reveals that, contrary to the popular Palestinian narrative, not only do most Muslims outside of Israel not care about the al-Aqsa Mosque, located on the Temple Mount, but many have never even heard of it.

The survey, which was conducted among 6,000 Jordanian students, consisted of one question: What is al-Aqsa Mosque? The shocking answer: 60 percent of those surveyed had no idea.

The al-Aqsa mosque sits on the Temple Mount, a recent flashpoint for Arab violence, and “al-Aqsa” has been a rallying anti-Zionist cry for hordes of Palestinians who have violated the holy site’s sanctity by rioting, looting, and harassing and attacking non-Muslim visitors there.

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas even attributed the current wave of terror (with praise), which began in September of 2015, to Palestinian “despair” over the status quo on the Mount.

The Palestinian narrative holds that the Temple Mount is one of the holiest sites in all of Islam and inherently belongs to Muslims and under Muslim sovereignty. Recently, several Muslim and Arab leaders have claimed that the Jews, who built the two Temples for which the Temple Mount is named 2,000 years ago, have no valid historical or religious connection to the site.

Disregarding the facts that the site only exists because Jews built temples to worship there, and that the Temple Mount was constructed thousands of years previous to the emergence of Islam, Arab leaders want Western onlookers to believe that the Temple Mount is inviolate Muslim territory.

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Some, including the UN and the New York Times, have bought the theory, despite volumes of archeological evidence, and are attempting to portray the Temple Mount as a solely Muslim site, or, at least, a site whose Muslim significance outweighs its Jewish significance to the point where it is considered acceptable to forbid Jews from visiting it.

If the Palestinian Arab claims were true, and the Temple Mount was actually a site of importance to Islam, one would expect that Muslims worldwide would know it.

However, the new study proves that a significant number of Muslims living next door to Israel, quite close to the Temple Mount – indeed, Muslims living in the very country which controls the Temple Mount – have never heard of al-Aqsa.

Scrambling to correct this embarrassing reveal, the Islamic Council of Jerusalem quickly imposed new rules requiring students to take a course on the “Jordanian al-Aqsa Mosque”.

The survey should serve as a serious blow to the fallacy, promoted by Islamic movements, that Jewish activity or sovereignty on the Temple Mount justifies Arab violence and terror in “defense” of the “Muslim” site.