Jun 27, 2022
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The Israel Security Agency (ISA) with the assistance of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested two 18-year old twin sisters, Diana and Nadia Chavila, from the village of Shweika next to the Palestinian city of Tulkarem at the end of December 2015 on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity.

Diana and Nadia were arrested after a number of weapons were discovered during a search of their house. The weapons that were found included a knife, pipe bombs, and fertilizer for the making of explosives. Hamas headbands and equipment often used in riots were also found.

According to the investigation, Diana independently acquired the chemicals that were found in her home, and used them with the help of online video tutorials to make explosive devices that were to be used in terror attacks against Israelis. Nadia allegedly conspired to help conceal the explosives in their house.

The investigation also revealed that Diana frequently listened to radical Islamic preaching over the internet, which encourages women to take part in terror attacks against Israelis and Jews. Investigators said that the preaching significantly influenced Diana’s decision to make explosives to be used in a terror attack.

Both Diana and Nadia are currently being charged in Samaria’s military court with conducting illegal business transactions involving military equipment. Diana is also facing charges for producing explosive devices.