Oct 03, 2022
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It is late in the season, but Israel is about to be hit by a full-blown winter storm, with dropping temperatures, snow and precipitation, thunder, and high-winds expected Saturday morning. Flood warnings are in effect in low-lying areas, especially in the Judean desert and the Dead Sea area. Mount Hermon is expected to get hit with snow.

A cold-front barreling down from Russia will hit the entire country on Sunday, bringing with it especially high-winds.  Heavy surf is expected along the usually calm Mediterranean coast. Snow is expected in the high regions of Samaria, with a possibility that Jerusalem will get a light dusting.

The storm is expected to abate on Monday, with continuing rains in the center and south of Israel.

Israelis are still wet and muddy from the unusual mix of sandstorm and rain that dampened their spirits in the beginning of the week. The Israel Electric Company has been trimming trees in anticipation of high winds that could topple electric lines.