Jul 29, 2021

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Three Palestinian teenage would-be terrorists were apprehended on Sunday morning as they approached a Jerusalem synagogue, presumably intent on carrying out an attack with sharpened scissors and spoons that they had taken from their kitchens.

The young men had apparently targeted the busy Heichel Ya’akov synagogue on HaRav Reines Street in Jerusalem’s Kiryat Moshe neighborhood.The synagogue was full of Jewish men at morning prayers, but before the teens could do any harm, their suspicious behavior drew attention to them and they were stopped.

They immediately surrendered their homemade weapons, which included broken kitchen scissors and a metal spoon that they had sharpened. The “handles” of the “knives” were covered with electrical tape to provide a grip.

Security forces took the three teens into custody for questioning. The investigation is ongoing.

Later on Sunday, another stabbing attempt was foiled near Nablus in Samaria, where a Palestinian tried to attack IDF soldiers with a knife. The soldiers opened fire, killing the terrorist.