Dec 04, 2021

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In a joint operation with the Shin Bet, the Israel Air Force sent airstrikes against a terrorist cell in northern Gaza, disrupting its attempt to plant an explosive device on the Gaza-Israel border, the IDF reported Wednesday morning.

Member of the cell were in the middle of planting explosives on the border fence, with the intention of targeting an IDF unit carrying out border security patrols in the area. Palestinian media reported that one of the terrorists was killed by the strike, and three others were injured.

While security forces initially instructed Israeli farmers not to approach within a kilometer of the border fence in fears of possible reprisals, the restriction was soon lifted. The IDF has not raised its overall level of alert.

No terrorist organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attempted attack.

This is the second time the IAF has sent airstrikes against Gazan targets since the New Year. Earlier in the month, the air force struck four Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip after two Gazan rockets were fired on the Sderot area.

The rockets landed in an open area, and no injuries were reported. The IAF targeted two Hamas military installations and two terrorist infrastructure sites in retaliation.