Jul 07, 2022
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A group of 15 assailants gathered outside a hotel in Cairo near the Giza pyramids and opened fire with rubber bullets, birdshot and fireworks on a group of Israeli Arab tourists, Egypt’s Ministry of Interior reported on Thursday.

The group of approximately 45 tourists, who were on a tour bus near the hotel, were Israeli Arabs from Umm al-Fahm and Jaffa, Arab MK Ahmad Tibi told Israel Radio. None were injured, but the shots caused damage to the facade of the Three Pyramids Hotel and the tour bus.

Tibi suggested that the attack deliberately targeted the group because they were Israeli. In Egyptian media reports, the tourists were identified as “1948 Arabs”, a term for Arabs with Israeli citizenship.

However, Egyptian police say that the real targets of the attack were security forces outside the hotel.

Initial reports said that the shooters in the mob of masked individuals were linked to the Muslim Brotherhood terror group. Two masked attackers among the group shot rubber bullets at the tourists as they walked from the entrance of the hotel to their tour bus.

One of the shooters, who were on motorcycles, has been caught. Security forces are searching for the remaining members of the mob