Jun 27, 2022
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More than 400,000 sufganiyot (Hanukkah doughnuts) have been purchased for all the IDF soldiers during Hanukkah, with 80% filled with jam and 20% with chocolate.

The Ministry of Defense, through the multi-branch logistical purchasing unit at the department of procurement, recently issued tenders to several food manufacturers for the prestigious task of providing tens of thousands of soldiers with Hanukkah doughnuts and other holiday goods. At the conclusion of the tenders, the Defense Ministry contracted with the winners to supply the more than 400,000 doughnuts, which will be sent to every single IDF soldier during the eight days of Hanukkah.

Research showed that the soldiers prefer jam-filled doughnuts over other fillings so this year 80% of the purchase is for jelly doughnuts and 20% chocolate.

Gil Sandler, head of the food system at the Defense Ministry department of procurement said: “We all want our soldiers to experience and feel the holiday atmosphere, to have a sweet, fun Hanukkah. Our soldiers’ opinions are very important to us and therefore we make sure that it comprises a significant part of our decision making. In order to ensure that they will enjoy hot and fresh doughnuts there will be a fresh, daily supply, for the enjoyment of every soldier.”

The Defense Ministry procurement department is committed to shipping the doughnuts via the IDF food center to army bases throughout the country, from north to south.