Oct 05, 2022
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Do not be deceived. While CNN insists on calling the latest terror attack in California a “workplace accident,” the three Muslims wearing Go-Pro cameras as they massacred innocents at a center for the disabled were Islamic jihadist terrorist.

The only moral response and responsible reaction is for every person to defend themselves.

“Every Jew A .22” – that slogan is for you Christians too.

In the wake of the daily terror attacks facing the Jewish State, the laws of gun control are changing in Israel. Nonetheless, the majority of Jews living outside of Israel believe in stricter gun control and do not own weapons themselves.

After the unparalleled history of oppression and murder suffered by the Jewish people, wouldn’t it make sense that out of all people, Jews would see the importance of bearing arms?

As the terror continues to spread across the world every person must grapple with their relationship to personal arms in self-defense