Sep 28, 2022
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A new online campaign to fundraise for weapons to kill Jews and cleanse the Temple Mount from “Jewish Filth” has been recently initiated. A report issued by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) documented and translated the online campaign, which was launched on Twitter and instant-messaging service Telegram.

According to the report, the campaign, called al-Aqsa Nafeer, aims to “prepare the mujahideen of Bait Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem) (to carry out) jihadi and martyrdom operations targeting Jews…” and to “liberate the imprisoned al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the aggressing Jews.”

Al-Aqsa Nafeer means “the mobilization for Jihad.” It has set out to collect funds for weapons that will be used by Palestinian mujahadeen, or martyrs, to attack and kill Jews. The campaign has released a statement saying that it has thus far “been successful.”

MEMRI has called the campaign, which is also being disseminated via Skype and Gmail, “slickly produced.” The media-watchdog group believes that the instructions for donating funds, which are not available online, are being provided to interested parties after they have been vetted by organizers. It is still unclear who is behind the fundraising drive.

As part of the campaign, donors can select from a variety of illegal weapons that they wish to purchase for Palestinian terrorists. Interested parties can sponsor an RPG rocket launcher for $3,000, a sniper rifle for $6,000, a PK machine gun for $5,500, a Katyusha rocket at $900, a Grad missile with a range of 20 kilometers for $4,000, and a Grad missile with a range of 40 km for $10,000.