Jan 22, 2021

A terrorist stabbing attack occurred Wednesday evening, October 14, near Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station on Jaffa Street.

The terrorist, reportedly a 24-year-old resident from the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Ras al-Amud, stabbed a 70 year old woman near the Central Bus Station. The victim immediately attempted to get onto a city bus to escape. After the victim successfully got onto the bus, the driver locked the doors preventing the terrorist from entering the bus.

The terrorist started to flee when onlookers began to shout “terrorist” in response to the incident. A Jerusalem Riot Police officer close to the scene ran towards the terrorist, who still had the knife in his hand, and shot the terrorist dead.

Jerusalem resident Moshe spoke with Tazpit Press Service about the incident as he saw it unfold. “I was sitting in a store and when I was leaving the store, I heard screams in the distance,” Moshe said. “I then saw a few girls running to the store and one of them was crying.”

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“The policeman who was near me started running to find the terrorist and eventually shot him,” Moshe told TPS.

Emmanuel Stern, the Magen David Adom paramedic who evacuated the stabbing victim, spoke at the scene. “(The victim) is fully conscious and with one of our volunteer doctors,” said Stern. “We provided her with life-saving medical treatment.”

“She suffered a stab wound to her upper body and we quickly transported her to a hospital,” continued Stern. “On the way to the hospital she was fully alert and in communication with us.”

In addition to the victim of the stabbing, Magen David Adom treated 14 people with shock related symptoms, who were near the scene of the terrorist attack. Eight of the victims were transported to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital for further treatment. The other six were transported to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, with one of the victims sustaining a light bruise.

Shortly after the terrorist attack, a number of young Israelis gathered at the scene and started to sing and dance together in a display of courage and spirit in the face of the current wave of terrorist attacks that has stricken Jerusalem and the rest of Israel.