Oct 21, 2021

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The “ISIS child” using a knife to decapitate his teddy bear, is the latest shock in a video on the Internet, Al-Hadath reports. Inspired by those blood curdling execution videos made popular by ISIS a year ago, this video, uploaded in late August and now going viral on social networks, punctuated by the same heroic songs that accompany the real thing.

In the video, the child, who looks about 3-years old, enters a room where the bear has been awaiting its execution, in front of the familiar, black ISIS flag. The child proceeds to cut off the head of the bear using a very large, very real knife.

The child is dressed in the fashion of an ISIS warrior, in a black dress and a belt loaded with explosives and weapons, as well as a traditional Taliban hat.

Al-Hadath, which is as repulsed by the video as most sane people would be, does not provide the identity of the video producer, but expects that it is a member of ISIS, seeing as the video is bereft of the normal sense of irony a satirical take would surely have included.

ISIS has published their first video of a child severing the head of a real hostage last July. The Islamic State also regularly publishes videos of children being trained to fight.

ISIS toddler beheading his teddy bear / Image source: YouTube screenshot

ISIS toddler beheading his teddy bear. (Photo: YouTube Screenshot)

ISIS child beheading a hostage / Image source: Al-Hadath

ISIS child beheading a hostage (Photo: Al-Hadath)

ISIS children training / Image source: Al-Hadath

ISIS children training (Photo: Al-Hadath)

ISIS child training / Image source: Al-Hadath

ISIS child training (Photo: Al-Hadath)