Jun 18, 2021


Statistics compiled by the Ministry of Construction and Housing reveal a frightening trend in terror unfolding this summer in the Old City of Jerusalem.The ministry, which operates a security service in the area, released the numbers for June and July, and they were published Wednesday by the Hebrew-language Yedioth Ahronoth.

The area known as “the Old City basin” includes the quarters inside the city’s ancient walls, the Mount of Olives, the Silwan (Shiloah) neighborhood and the City of David. Within this region alone, 580 attacks on civilians and security forces were recorded over the course of two months.

This amounts to an average of nearly ten attacks per day. These included 477 rock-throwing incidents and 28 firebombings, as well as thrown bottles, firecrackers and property damage.

The attacks peaked in June, with 359, of which 213 were in the City of David sector, 125 at the Mount of Olives and the mountain ridge, and 21 in the Old City. In addition to 307 rock attacks and 12 firebombs, four graves were vandalized in the Mount of Olives cemetery, and six Jews were attacked in the Old City, including a border patrol officer.

July saw a slight drop in terror attacks, with 221 documented incidents. These included 170 rock-throwing incidents, 16 firebombs, one grave desecration, four bottle-throwing incidents and several fireworks attacks.

These numbers do not include Jerusalem’s eastern villages and neighborhoods, so the final tally could be even worse.

The Jerusalem police responded saying its “resolute” action against terrorists has led to an overall decline in attacks in the city, with most of the incidents occurring directed against security forces. This, the police explained, is due to the high level of friction between them and the lawbreakers in the eastern part of the city.