Jan 22, 2022

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A second Israeli ambulance has been attacked by stone-throwing Palestinians outside of Jerusalem. The attack on the ambulance, which took place on Monday, is the second such attack on Israeli ambulances in the past month.

As exclusively told to Breaking Israel News by Jonathan Feldstein, Director of Heart to Heart, an organization which supports Israel’s national ambulance, EMS and blood service, the ambulance attacked in the Hebron hills on Monday was donated by John Hagee Ministries.

“John Hagee Ministries has thus far donated eight ambulances to Israel through Heart to Heart. The first six of these ambulances have already treated over 30,000 people from every ethnic group in Israel,” shared Feldstein.

In Israel, Even Ambulances are Targets

According to reports, Palestinian terrorists threw rocks at the emergency vehicle while it was driving between the Jewish communities of Adorayim and Negohot. This area is located in the Hebron Hills approximately one hour south of Jerusalem.

While the passengers inside the ambulance were not physically injured, the ambulance sustained damage.

“This ambulance was donated with love and mutual interest to save lives in Israel by John Hagee Ministries,” reflected Feldstein. “While Jews strive to save lives all over the world, our enemies put no restraints on who they seek to harm.”

It is significant to note that in this area in Judea, Arab and Jew alike could have been receiving treatment in this ambulance.

Hagee and his wife were in Israel this past September leading a group of 500 and got to see one of the ambulances they donated, and hear about its service treating Israelis of all backgrounds. Some of the ambulances donated by John Hagee Ministries have responded to terrorist attacks in the past. Certainly, they never expected their own ambulance to become a victim of a terrorist attack.

“Thank God nobody was hurt in this ambush,” added Feldstein. “But, this shows how, among those who hate and seek to harm Israel, there are no boundaries.  We are grateful to John Hagee Ministries and all who support Heart to Heart’s simple but clear mission to save lives in Israel. Clearly, until our enemies love peace more than they hate Israel, the need for well-stocked ambulances will remain.”