Oct 27, 2021

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The Israeli government approved a proposal Sunday to build a security fence along the border with Jordan that will extend from Eilat past a new international airport in the area.

The security initiative was first introduced by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, the fence will extend 30 kilometers northwards from Israel’s southern tip. Israel and Jordan share a 240 kilometer border.

The barrier will be built inside Israeli territory and was given authorization by the security cabinet. The prime minister hailed the decision to approve the fence as a way to bolster Israel’s “national security.”


“We made a very important decision to continue a section of fence along our southern border, this time from Eilat, 30 kilometers north past the Timna airport that is under construction,” Netanyahu said.

“It is part of our national security. It joins the fence that we built along the length of our border with Sinai, which blocked the entry of illegal migrants into Israel and – of course – the various terrorist movements. This step also joins the fence that we built on our border on the Golan Heights,” he said, referring to existing security fences with Egypt and Syria.

In 2013, Israel completed the construction of a five-meter-high barbed wire fence along the border with Sinai. According to the government, the fence is meant to prevent terror groups, drug smuggler and illegal African migrants from infiltrating the country.