Sep 27, 2021

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicated on Sunday that he would “fiercely reject” a French proposal to bring the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to an end.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius is visiting Israel to push for a diplomatic initiative to break the deadlock in the peach process.

Frants wants a resolution to pass the United Nations Security Council comprising of a timetable for a negotiated solution, including the heavily contested issues of Jerusalem and Palestinian refugees.

“International proposals suggested to us, in essence they’re trying to force upon us, have no true consideration for the security needs of Israelis or other national interests of ours,” Netanyahu stated.

Previous Israeli security demands have included a demilitarized Palestinian state and Israeli troops present in the strategically vital Jordan valley.

“They’re just trying to push us into borders which are indefensible, while completely ignoring what will be on the other side of the border,” Netanyahu argued.

Fabius said earlier on Sunday that France will not give up on restarting the peace process, and said his country is a friend to both peoples.

“The first order of business during this visit is to identify how we can contribute to restarting peace talks,” Fabius said in a briefing with King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere is Israel is calm as the country enters the month of Ramadan. Early Sunday, a Palestinian stabbed and critically wounded an Israeli policeman outside Jerusalem’s ancient Old City.

Despite wounds to the neck and heart, the policeman shot the attacker, leaving the stabber also critically injured. Both were evacuated to hospitals in the city.

It was the second major attack in three days after a Palestinian killed one Israeli hiker and injured another in a point blank shooting attack northwest of the capital.