Jun 27, 2022
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As its current defense deal with the United States comes to a close, Israel has asked for an increase of roughly 50 percent over the following decade, reports The Times of Israel. Citing Defense News, the Israeli outlet said Israel is seeking an average of $4.5 billion a year.

The current package, negotiated in 2007 between George W. Bush’s administration and Ehud Olmert’s government, awarded Israel approximately $3 billion in aid a year over ten years, for a total of $30 billion between 2007-2017. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government would like to see that total increase to between $42-$45 billion over the decade spanning 2018-2028. According to Defense News, President Barack Obama already “endorsed in principle” that amount, during his March 2013 visit.

Defense News quoted “US and Israeli experts”, who said this package represents assistance beyond whatever compensation is offered to Israel for the Iran nuclear deal. It is also over and above the roughly $500 million in US funds provided to Israeli anti-missile development each year and is unrelated to the $1.2 billion in materiel the United States stores in Israel and which Israel may use under certain circumstances.