China’s Proxy War on Israel

November 20, 2023

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Last week, Francesca Block, an investigative reporter for The Free Press, reported that Neville Singham an American born Marxist multimillionaire, and his wife, radical left activist Jodie Evans, are providing much of the funding for the pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protests we are seeing across the United States. According to Block’s reporting, Singham and Evans, who live in Shanghai and are big fans and promoters of the Chinese Communist Party, have been the primary funders of The People’s Forum, which has organized a number of these protests including one in Times Square on October 8, the day after the Hamas attacks.

Also last week, a document titled “A letter to America,” allegedly written by Osama bin Laden, went viral on Tiktok. Videos circulated of American kids praising the letter and confessing that it is making them rethink their fundamental belief systems. The letter makes the case for Islamic terrorism against Israel and the West, justifying Jihad using intersectional, progressive, talking points that speak to the Tiktok demographic. Tiktok, of course, is owned and operated by Chinese Communist government. It’s worth noting that the letter did not go viral on Instagram or any other platform used by the same demographic.

Osama bin Laden (Wikimedia)

We see a similar alliance between the Chinese communists and Jihad on the geopolitical scene. For example, On October 25, China vetoed a US sponsored United Nations Security Council resolution calling to condemn the Hamas atrocities of October 7th. And, it should be noted, President Xi Xinping still has not condemned Hamas since the attacks.

All this begs the question, why are Chinese communists supporting and promoting Jihadist Islamic ideology?

It’s worth noting that this strange partnership between Marxists and Jihadists goes both ways.

Khaled Meshal, one of Hamas’ top leaders, said, 2 weeks ago in a TV interview, that Hamas seeks “cooperation with the superpowers, China and Russia.” He added that Russia benefited from the murderous attacks which diverted American attention away from Ukraine, and that China should take inspiration from the Hamas invasion of Israel for their own plans to conquer Taiwan.

Khaled Meshal in a meeting with Spanish journalists. Credit: Trango/Wikipedia.

To a casual observer this seems odd. What possible interest does Hamas have in a Chinese invasion of Taiwan? As I wrote in my previous column, the answer is simple. Both Israel and Taiwan are seen as allies and proxies of the United States.

In March of 2021, Iran and China signed a 25-year cooperation pact which includes “political, strategic and economic” cooperation which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called “permanent and strategic.” Per the agreement, China would invest in Iranian energy, infrastructure, transport, and seaports. In exchange, Iran would provide a heavily discounted regular supply of its oil. Since its signing, China and Iran have intensified their partnership in all these areas.

One of Iran’s key strategic goals – and the entire purpose of Hamas and Hizballah whom they fund and direct – is the destruction of Israel (the little Satan), and eventually the United States (the great Satan).

And here’s where China’s goals and Iran’s overlap. In May 2019, Xi Xinping declared a “People’s War”, calling for economic and cultural war against the United States. The official website of the People’s Liberation Army, explains that “A people’s war is a total war, and its strategy and tactics require the overall mobilization of political, economic, cultural, diplomatic, military, and other power resources, the integrated use of multiple forms of struggle and combat methods.”

So, if China and Iran have a comprehensive strategic partnership agreement and share the goal of bringing down the United States, it makes sense that China would be promoting Iran’s geopolitical goals in the Middle East. 

President Biden’s trip to Indonesia, he met Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China. 14 November 2022

Which brings us to the Biden Administration. As I’ve written multiple times since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, all Biden’s Mideast policies since taking office in January 2021 have benefitted Iran and weakened Israel. To recap a few highlights:

Upon taking office, the Biden administration announced their plan to begin negotiating with Iran to restart the JCPOA, the nuclear deal that Israel has always said endangers its national security. They also began working to enrich Iran economically. They ceased enforcement of sanctions on the Iranian oil and petrochemical industry, enriching Tehran to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. After being short on funds for terrorism under the Trump administration’s harsh sanctions, Hizballah and Hamas were again an affordable luxury for Tehran. Let’s also recall that Biden did not mention Iran’s sponsorship of Hamas even once in his much-heralded speech on the third day of the current war. He has yet to call Tehran out for its funding of terrorism against Israel.

By now, it is well known that Joe Biden and his family have been benefitting financially from the CCP for decades. But it goes far beyond Biden himself. Many of the key figures setting the administration’s foreign policy agenda are compromised by the CCP as well. To cite one example among many, prior to serving as Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken led the Penn-Biden Center which received its primary funding from the Chinese. He then went on to found WestExec Advisors, which, among other things, according to the investigative journalist Natalie Winters, assisted US universities in securing funding from China.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken testifies before the Senate Committee on Appropriations on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 31, 2023. Credit: Chuck Kennedy/U.S. State Department.

Perhaps we can now explain a curious move by the administration. Last Tuesday, as close to 300,000 supporters of Israel were rallying in DC, the State Department announced it was providing $10 billion in sanctions relief to Iran. The timing was strange, to say the least. The mass pro-Israel rally had been on the calendar for weeks, and included the participation of leading Democratic political figures, such as Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Sen. Chuck Schumer, not to mention the leadership of the American Jewish communal establishment, a major base of support for the Democrats. Why would the Biden Administration choose that very day to enrich Iran with access to another $10 billion? 

I’d like to suggest a simple explanation. The next day, Joe Biden was scheduled to meet with Xi Xinping in San Francisco.  While he’s been publicly saying all the right things and continuing to supply Israel with munitions and other support, Biden needed to show his Chinese paymaster that he is a team player by releasing another $10 billion to China’s strategic partner. 

This past Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explicitly stated that the US is pressuring Israel to take steps that are against its interests, and which strengthen Hamas and harm Israel’s chances of victory. Considering that the US Constitution grants the President the power to control foreign policy, it’s worth asking the question. With Biden doing the bidding of China and Iran, is the US still Israel’s ally?

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