Hamas PR Brilliance. Best Marketing campaign of all time?

November 20, 2023

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You got to give hamas/isis credit.

They have had real success in branding their work as freedom fighters.

This is, in my opinion, the BEST marketing campaign of all time that got the average person on campus to believe that the Palestinian in Gaza is a freedom fighter who shares something in common with the west.

USA is the land of the Free.

What freedom are Palestinians standing for?

Freedom of speech? No

Freedom of the press? Hell no.

Freedom of religion? Only freedom to kill those who are Christian or Jewish.

Freedom to build their own state? Israel took out every single Jew out from Gaza in 2005. They could build their own state there. Not with a full army and airport (Israel needs to maintain control of terror threats) but could have got started.

Pro-Palestinian supporters march in NY on October 9, 2023

But they have formed a winning international communication army with trained troops everywhere to not just get away with murder, but to be seen in positive light with murder!

Ismail Haniyeh said they are like George Floyd and feel they can’t breath, dog whistling to blm movement that they are the same.

Brilliant PR move.

As Gary Wexler highlighted this week:

“Israel and Jews are colonialists just like other white oppressors around the world.

Israel is an apartheid society, the same as South Africa was.

Jews have white privilege, even though more than 50% of Jews are dark-skinned people from the Arab world, Iran and Africa.

Palestinians in Hebron protest in support of the people of Gaza, as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues into its second month, Nov. 3, 2023. Photo by Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90.

Jews hold power in media and banking, making them the enemy. 

Jews center themselves as capitalists and donors.

Jews don’t hold space for anyone but themselves.

Jews need to be held accountable for the pain they are causing. 

If you challenged any of this you were a racist, the worst thing you could possibly be accused of. (Except if you are racist against Jews. Then you prove you are a true ally of the oppressed.)”

Bottom line, they put on the best branding campaign while we are still branding Israel as start up nation or “The only democracy in the middle east” and missing the game.

Israeli soldiers bring fuel to Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, Nov. 12, 2023. Credit: IDF. (source: JNS)

So what do we need to do?

Not play defense.

Showing how we are the most moral army in the world is not helpful. They twist that and believe the victim.

Rather, we focus on showing how 2 messages: Hamas is ISIS and the West is Next.

These messages, especially Hamas=Isis has been very concerning for the Hamas leadership as it takes away their freedom fighters and shows their real face.


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