New video shows unarmed off-duty IDF soldier tossing back grenades at terrorists [WATCH]

Your glory, O Yisrael, Lies slain on your heights; How have the mighty fallen!




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November 15, 2023

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New footage has emerged from the Oct. 7 Hamas massacre showing terrorists attacking a packed public bomb shelter near the Nova music festival. The terrorists hurled hand grenades at partygoers who were sheltering there. Inside, was an off-duty (and unarmed) soldier, Staff Sgt. Aner Elyakim Shapiro. Shapiro managed to toss back seven of the grenades that were hurled at the shelter. The 8th fatally wounded him. At least seven of those who had taken refuge inside the shelter survived. One of the Israeli civilians attempted to flee from the bomb shelter and was gunned down by the terrorists.

After he was killed, Hamas went back in and took five or six hostages before opening fire on those who remained.

Staff Sgt. Aner Elyakim Shapiro is seen at the entrance to a public bomb shelter near Re’im, as Hamas terrorists hurl grenades inside. (Social media: Used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)

The graphic video also shows the moment one of the Israeli civilians attempts to flee from the bomb shelter, and is gunned down by the terrorists.

The Supernova festival near Re’im in southern Israel was attended by several hundred people when Hamas gunmen opened fire.

At least 260 bodies people were killed and many were kidnapped.

“Aner Shapiro saved our lives and he deserves a medal of honor for being an angel who guarded us,” wrote attack survivor Agam. The hero soldier’s great-grandfather Haim Moshe Shapiro, was a signatory of Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Shapiro was seriously injured when a Jewish immigrant, Moshe Dwek, threw a grenade into the Knesset plenum hall in 1957.

(Video via South First Responders)


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