StandWithUs Christian outreach calls on churches to sign support for Israel

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem's remembrancers Take no rest




(the israel bible)

October 15, 2023

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StandWithUs Christian outreach, and the StandWithUs Center for Combating Antisemitism. urge churches worldwide to stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people. 

In light of the brutal world war that Hams, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, has initiated against Israel, in which terrorists have massacred over 1,200 Israelis, which included decapitation of babies, injured over 2,600, and kidnapped over 150 (numbers that continued to rise as victims are found), it is imperative that Christian communities show their support both for people in Israel and for Jewish people around the world. This is particularly necessary in light of the growing campaign by anti-Israel organizations to rationalize and justify these inhumane barbaric attacks. 

Lest there be any confusion. This is not a matter of politics. It is a matter of humanity, specifically, Hamas’s blatant and callous, torture, murder, and kidnapping of human beings. 

We ask that your church and/or school sign the following statement to express unwavering support for the State of Israel and Jewish people, both inside and outside of Israel. Your church can do this simply by emailing cca@standwithus.comwith the statement, “Please add [Name of church and/or school] to the list of signatories to the statement of support.

We also ask that when you join in partnership, that you issue this statement publicly on your institution’s website and social media platforms. 

Statement of Unity in Support of Israel and the Jewish People:

[Name of church and/or Christian School] stands united in support of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide following the brutal unprovoked and unprecedented massacres and kidnappings by Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, against innocent Israeli civilians, many of whom were celebrating the Jewish holy day of Simchat Torah, a holiday which celebrates the joy of Scripture. Hamas’s crimes against humanity are violent manifestations of the terrorist group’s genocidal aspirations against the Jewish people and the State of Israel. And they must be recognized and condemned as such. [Name of church and/or Christian School] is here to support our Jewish brothers and sisters during this devastating time, and remains vigilant in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people. We unapologetically stand with the State of Israel and the Jewish people now and always.

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