Whole Family Lost in Nir Oz  

My fate is in Your hand; save me from the hand of my enemies and pursuers.




(the israel bible)

October 9, 2023

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In a heartbreaking tragedy, Tamar Kedem-Siman Tov, her husband Yonatan (known as Johnny), and their three young children, six-year-old daughters Shachar and Arbel, and four-year-old son Omer, were brutally murdered by Arab terrorists in the southern Israeli community of Nir Oz.

Tamar, aged 35, was not only a loving mother but also a dedicated activist who recently campaigned for the position of Eshkol Regional Council head. Her close friend, Tzofia Cohen, expressed her grief on Facebook, remembering Tamar as a trailblazing and accomplished individual. Tzofia shared that Tamar had excelled as a scout coordinator in Ashdod, where they first met 14 years ago. Tamar was known for her industrious nature, intelligence, positive energy, practicality, and her ability to connect with everyone she encountered.

Tzofia also highlighted Tamar’s pursuit of education, mentioning that she was a student in the Paths to Generations program at Kaye Academic College, where Tzofia taught. Tamar had continued her academic journey by pursuing a master’s degree, demonstrating her impressive commitment to personal growth and development.

In recent times, Tamar and Tzofia had rekindled their close friendship, regularly meeting and discussing important matters. Tamar had even sought Tzofia’s counsel for an essential project she was planning to benefit the residents of the Eshkol Regional Council. Tamar’s decision to run for the head of the council was seen as both innovative and vital.

The devastating loss of Tamar, Johnny, and their three children deeply saddened their friends and the community. Gilad Mamon, a friend of the family, paid a heartfelt tribute, reminiscing about Tamar and Johnny’s wedding on the Kibbutz’s grassy grounds, where their eyes had sparkled with joy. He remembered their modesty, tenderness, and love for each other, as well as Johnny’s light-heartedness and innocence.

Gilad also recalled the joint efforts they had put into producing movies for Bikurim High School, a place that held great importance for Tamar, who had a deep commitment to children and the region. He believed that Tamar had the natural qualities of a leader and was confident she would have been elected as the council head.

In closing, Gilad expressed his gratitude for Tamar’s presence in his life, describing her as an exemplary person whom the country deeply misses. He conveyed his heartfelt condolences and sorrow for Tamar, Johnny, and their three beloved children, expressing regret for not being able to assist them in their final moments.

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