Israel365 under rocket-fire

For it is Hashem your God who marches with you to do battle for you against your enemy, to bring you victory.”




(the israel bible)

October 8, 2023

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Hadassa Goldberg, Israel365’s social media executive, was enjoying a restful Shabbat holiday when she was awakened at 6:30 in the morning by Color Red Sirens going off in her town of Kiryat Gat located about 30 kilometers from Gaza. Hadassa, her husband, and her two children, ages six and two, huddled in the shelter that normally served as a spare bedroom.

“At first, we left the door open because it was stuffy, but my husband insisted that we close it,” Hadassa said. Three hours after entering the shelter,they heard a loud explosion muffled by the thick concrete walls. They felt the house shake and they knew that a rocket had landed nearby.

“It felt like every single brick in the room had cranked the volume up as loud as it could and then shouted at us,” Hadassa told Israel365 News. “My children entered a state of total shock and hysteria.”

When the all clear sounded and they exited their shelter, they were shocked. Their home had suffered minor damage. The area was full of smoke but it quickly became clear that a rocket had struck the house directly across the street.

“The rocket hit the roof but broke through into the house,” Hadassa said. “The outside looked bad but the inside of the house was totally destroyed.”

Hadassa is a native Israeli and not easily flustered, but the massive barrage of rockets left her deeply disturbed.

“We’re just completely disrupted by these attacks,” she said. “I myself have lived in the South for many years. So I’ve experienced rockets before, but never in this magnitude. The amount of rockets that we had yesterday morning was more than the total of what I’ve experienced in three years. These rockets are usually spaced apart and the attacks don’t last very long.”

“This was a full, full, full, day of rockets,” Hadassa said in the video, visibly upset. “We learned afterwards that these rockets were just a cover up to get Hamas terrorists into Israel. It’s been a very upsetting few hours, very painful, very scary.”

For Hadassa, as for most Israelis, the horrific experience is not over. Haddasa’s husband received a draft notice from the IDF, calling him to reserve duty.

“My house got a little damaged,” she said.”Walls were cracked, everything fell off the walls, and windows were broken. But we’re gonna get that fixed up as soon as this is all over. I will have to move into a friend’s house.”

Israel is currently at war while families grieve for the hundreds who were killed by Palestinian terrorists.

“ This is a really, really awful time,” Hadassa said. “It’s really scary to hear the planes overhead. I just pray that people do what they can to help us through this. I don’t have answers. I don’t know how we’re gonna make this better. I don’t know how we’re gonna heal from tragedies on this level.”

“But I know that this is my land and I have no other land,” she said. ”Please pray for us. I think anyone can do that. Please pray for us.”

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