David Friedman’s ‘Route 60’ doc shatters box-office expectations

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September 24, 2023

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A new cinematic collaboration bringing together former US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, an Orthodox Jew, and former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, a devout Christian, was released on Monday in 1,500 theaters across the country and is shattering all expectations, generating more than $1.6 million in ticket sales. The movie, produced by Trinity Broadcasting Company, is called Route 60: The Biblical Highway, named for the modern south–north highway in Israel that stretches 150 miles from Beersheba to Nazareth.

Friedman states at the film’s start that Route 60 in Israel is “the road that Abraham, the father of nations, walked as the first believer in monotheism” and “It is a road walked by Jesus, the central figure of Christianity.” 

Friedman said, “Route 60 follows the ancient path from Nazareth to Beersheba. It connects many holy sites and biblical events in what could be called the original biblical belt.”  

According to Box Office Mojo, the movie sold more tickets per theatre on its first two nights than any other American film,  exceeding the combined receipts of the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer

It was expected to show in 1,000 theatres for two days, but Friedman told The Jerusalem Post that it was extended through the weekend due to high demand.

After the movie completes its run in theatres, TBN will work to continue to make it available, either by DVD or streaming.

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