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August 7, 2023

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Princeton University will include a course next semester that will teach about the IDF shooting Palestinian children in the legs in order to harvest their organs. 

A course at Princeton University next semester will include in its syllabus a book that claims the IDF harvests the organs of Palestinians. Ynet reported on Sunday that the course, Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South, includes the book titled “The Healing Humanities: The Right to Maim,” was written by Jasbir Puar, a “queer theorist” and the head of the Gender Studies program at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and published in 2017. The book alleges that Israel is “supplementing its right to kill with the right to maim” by enacting an IDF  policy of targeted shooting of Palestinians “to maim, not to kill.” 

The course will be taught by anthropologist Satyel Larson from the university’s Near Eastern Studies Department. Larson has signed several anti-Israel petitions, including at least one call to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction.

The book, which was approved by the university’s Near Eastern Studies Department faculty, claims that the bodies of Palestinian children “were mined for organs for scientific research” by the Israeli military.

A summary of the book explains:

“Puar uses the concept of ‘debility’—bodily injury and social exclusion brought on by economic and political factors—to disrupt the category of disability. She shows how debility, disability, and capacity together constitute an assemblage that states use to control populations. Puar’s analysis culminates in an interrogation of Israel’s policies toward Palestine, in which she outlines how Israel brings Palestinians into biopolitical being by designating them available for injury.”

The author essentially blames Israel for shooting  to wound terrorists rather than shooting to kill.

“The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have shown a demonstrable pattern over decades of sparing life, of shooting to maim rather than to kill,” Puar wrote.  “This is ostensibly a humanitarian practice, leaving many civilians ‘permanently disabled’ in an occupied territory of destroyed hospitals, rationed medical supplies, and scarce resources.”

It should be noted that the IDF’s rules of engagement mandate that when engaging violent terrorists, the soldier must first issue a verbal warning before firing a warning shot in the air. If the soldier still feels that his life or the life of an innocent bystander is threatened, he can shoot to the lower body. This is intended to stop the terrorist without killing him.

During a talk on ecological feminism in a panel at Dartmouth University, Puar claimed that this tactic of using non-lethal methods as a means of harvesting organs had been documented.

“Several scholars have been tracing maiming as a deliberate biopolitical tactic on the part of Israel in the occupation of Palestine,” Puar said. “Medical personnel in both Gaza and the West Bank reported mounting evidence of shoot-to-cripple practices of the IDF, more accurately called the Israeli Occupation Forces, noting an increasing shift from using traditional means such as tear gas and rubber bullets, rubber-coated metal to disperse crowds to firing at knees, femurs or aiming for their vital organs,” she added.

In an article she authored in 2016, Puar described a lecture she gave at Vassar College in New York in which she accused Israel of ethnically cleansing Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. She accused the “occupation” (i.e. Israel) “of maiming and stunting of children in Gaza,” adding that many Palestinians believed that the bodies of their children killed in the conflict were “mined for organs for scientific research.”

While making it clear that she was not making “empirical claims”, she accused her critics of trying to silence her with a “manufactured controversy”. 

“I can only surmise that the charges of anti-Semitism and blood libel leveled against me were intended to discredit scholarship about the deleterious effects of the occupation on Palestinian daily life.

The baseless accusation is similar to blood libels in which anti-Semites falsely accused Jews of murdering Christian children in order to use their blood to bake matzah for Passover. This libel has taken a new form as Jew-haters resort to similar convoluted logic to blame the bloodshed on Jews. 

Professor Jason Hill from the University of DePaul in Chicago criticized the upcoming course at Princeton, saying it has “zero educational value.”

“It just gives a lot of third-rate professors a platform from which to indoctrinate students into left-wing ideologies,” he said. 

The pro-Israel group Stand With Us criticized the inclusion of Puar’s work.

“Jasbir L. Puar’s The Right to Maim spreads hate and disinformation by implying that IDF soldiers have a thirst for harming innocent Palestinians,” co-founder and CEO Roz Rothstein told The Fix via a media statement. “This not only ignores Israel’s widely recognized efforts to avoid harming civilians but also echoes age-old antisemitic blood libels.”

The blood libel of organ harvesting has been waged against the IDF in the past. Most recently,  during an interview with former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett about the IDF’s recent counterterrorism raid in Jenin, BBC News presenter Anjana Gadgi stated that the IDF is “happy to kill children”.

On August 17, 2009, the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, one of the largest daily newspapers in the Nordic countries, published an article claiming that Israeli troops harvested organs from Palestinians who had died in their custody. The author, Donald Boström, admitted that there was “no conclusive evidence, only a collection of allegations and suspicious circumstances”, but he stood by his claims based on the allegations of the families of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army.

“The point is that we know there is organ trafficking in Israel,” he told the Arab news site Menassat. “And we also know that there are families claiming that their children’s organs have been harvested. These two facts together point to the need for further investigation.” 

The article was cited around the world by numerous media, including The Guardian and NBC News. Time Magazine published a retraction of an article based on Boström’s claims. It also led to speculation that Israeli relief efforts in Haiti after the earthquake in 2021  were a smokescreen for organ theft operations.

The libelous article was financed in part by the Swedish Foreign Ministry. 

Puar also authored  ‘Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times’ (2007) in which she accused Israel of “pinkwashing,” i.e. the outward adoption of LGBT friendliness to appear progressive, as a tactic to appear as a tolerant and pluralist society  while continuing to act as a “terrorist state.”

The claim that the IDF harvests the organs of Palestinians was submitted as a formal complaint to the UN in 2015 by the Palestinian Authority.

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