IHRA Antisemitism Definition Adoptions in 2023 on Track to Surpass Last Year’s Total

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July 16, 2023

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A total of 78 entities across the globe adopted or endorsed the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) Working Definition of Antisemitism in the first half of 2023, according to data compiled by the Combat Antisemitism Movement’s Antisemitism Research Center.

This brought the overall number of IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism adoptions and endorsements worldwide to 1,192, representing a broad array of international institutions and organizations, national and local governments, NGOs, universities, athletic clubs, and corporations that have embraced the definition as a framework for recognizing modern-day iterations of Jew-hatred, training and educational programs, and policymaking initiatives.

The 78 adoptions and endorsements in January-June 2023 marked 85.7% of the 91 adoptions in all of 2022, making it likely 2023’s total will surpass last year’s.

“The significant number of IHRA adoptions worldwide disproves the narrative propagated by its detractors, who claim a decline in support,” said CAM CEO Sacha Roytman Dratwa. “Despite protests and flawed alternatives, IHRA has gained universal recognition as the authoritative definition of Antisemitism within the Jewish community and is being increasingly embraced by numerous countries, government bodies, institutions, organizations, and companies globally.”

“CAM remains dedicated to collaborating with our global partners to advocate for further IHRA adoptions and uses.”

Classified by category, new adoptions and endorsements in 2023 have included two countries, 33 non-national governmental bodies, seven educational institutions, one private organization, and 35 public organizations.

Adoptions by Latvia and Croatia increased the number of IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism-backing countries to 41.

In the United States, Arkansas and North Dakota raised the total number of American states to have adopted or endorsed the definition to 32.

At the regional and municipal levels globally, prominent adoptees included: the Latin American Parliament; Region of Piedmont, Italy; Kansas City, Missouri; Westchester County, New York; Florence, Italy; South Bend, Indiana; Cincinnati, Ohio; Boca Raton, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada; Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Province of Jujuy, Argentina, among others.

The Supreme Court of Justice of Buenos Aires, Argentina, also adopted the definition.

Educational institutions included, the University of Melbourne (Australia); University of Split (Croatia); Boston University (Student Government); University of Mortar (Bosnia and Herzegovina); Monash University (Australia); University of Zagreb Senate (Croatia); ant the Catholic University of Santa María la Antigua (Panama).

Of the 35 adoptions and endorsements by public organizations, 28 came from Poland in a collective response to a 2021 antisemitic incident.

The IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism says, “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

The non-legally binding definition includes 11 explanatory examples detailing specific discriminatory behaviors targeting Jews.

For more information on past data, please see the “IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism 2022 Adoptions & Endorsements Report,” published in January by CAM and Tel Aviv University’s Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, here.

CAM’s full dataset on IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism adoptions and endorsements can be accessed here.

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