Japanese N-Ark floating city being built to save mankind

Hashem sat enthroned at the Flood; Hashem sits enthroned, king forever.




(the israel bible)

June 19, 2023

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“Global warming” alarmists claim the oceans are rising and one Japanese company is planning to build a Noah’s Ark city to save a select few from a replay of the Biblical flood. While its creators feel safe, believing that technology will save them, one rabbi suggested that they invest in a simpler solution that is based in the real lessons learned from Noah.

N-Ark, a Japanese architectural startup that opened in 2021 focusing on architecture by the ocean, recently announced plans for a floating city called Dogen City:

“Dogen City is a smart healthcare city floating on the sea that integrates food environment architecture, data, energy, and ocean resources with a focus on healthcare.”

The company has coined the term “Arktecture” (Ark+Technology+Culture) top describe its project.

“In 2018 and 2019, Japan’s flood damage amounted to about 2.15 trillion yen ($15.35bn), at about 1,405 billion yen ($10bn) nationwide, the largest amount of damage caused by floods other than tsunamis for the second consecutive year since statistics began,” the company’s launch statement said.

“As many as six million people across Japan may be affected by flooding if Co2 reduction measures are not progressing in 2030,” says the company, adding that farming is particularly badly affected. Their proposed solution is salt-resistant floating farms.

The circular city is touted as a “self-sufficient habitat” four kilometers in circumference, 1.58 kilometers in diameter, and will provide housing for 40,000 people. 

The floating city will also host facilities for tourism,  a sports stadium, medical facilities, and even space rockets. It is designed to withstand rising seas due to “global warming”, severe weather, and even tsunamis. The company’s video says it can “turn climate change into a positive,” and promises that Dogen City will include functions to adapt to climate change: “It promotes daily mental and physical self-care, and you can also experience various programs.”

The city will be divided into three zones: the habitable ring containing the main housing zone, an undersea data center which would be naturally cooled by the sea and contain city management and medical research facilities, and floating ring-shaped architecture within the artificial bay.

The plans include greenery, food production facilities, a school, sports areas, hospitals, parks, stadiums, hotels, and offices. Additionally, as mentioned, N-Ark envisions Dogen City including some kind of launch and landing site for rocket transportation.

The company promises a consortium of industry, academia, and government to address technologies, laws, and regulations needed to develop the ocean surface.

The self-sufficient facility will use seawater agriculture and aquaculture. It will require 530,000 gallons of water consumption per year, 3,288 tons of annual garbage disposal, produce almost 7,000 tons of food, and 22,265,000 kW of power would be generated. 

The location for the maritime city has not yet been announced but the creators estimate the project will be completed in 2030. 

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion, was shocked at the project.

“They recognize that the seas are rising, they are reminded of the flood of Noah, and that is why they named it after Noah’s ark, ,” Rabbi Berger said. “but they miss the point entirely. They forget that the real lesson of the flood of Noah is that God is in charge. God brings the floods.Who is going to live in the city? Of course, it will be the wealthy. They think that they can hide in the middle of the ocean and no one will see them. But Noah wasn’t saved because he was wealthy. He was chosen because he was righteous and walked with Hashem.

“Rather than build this sparkling new city, they should get busy in giving charity, helping their fellow man, and keeping the Noahide Laws. After the flood, God made a covenant with all of mankind. They think that they can sin and then just float away. If they walked with God like Noah did rather than chase technology all the time, they wouldn’t have to worry about global warming.

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