NRB invites Israel365Media to bring Jews and Christians together at major convention

I will bless those who bless you And curse him that curses you; And all the families of the earth Shall bless themselves by you.”




(the israel bible)

May 22, 2023

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National Religious Broadcasters Convention brings together Conservative and Christian media leaders but this year, Israel365Media is helping to focus the attention on an issue that has become the central rallying cry for the Christian world: Israel.

Israel365Media, Israel’s leading media company catering to the Christian Zionist audience, is playing a key role at this week’s NRB Convention in Orlando, Florida. I365Media has been building connections and strategic relationships between Israeli startups and organizations, and Christian ministries, media, and business leaders for over a decade. This will help the Israeli startups reach millions of potential supporters while enabling the Christian and Conservative organizations to make the connection they want.

“With surging antisemitism and hostility towards the Jewish State increasing rapidly, Israelis are turning to their Christian friends for support,” says Rabbi Tuly Weisz, the founder of Israel365 and the editor of The Israel Bible, said. “Despite these frightening trends, Christian support for Israel has remained rock solid, thanks largely to the role of religious media.” 

“The NRB, whose member organizations reach tens of millions of homes all over the world, contributes directly to stronger political backing for an increasingly marginalized State of Israel,” he added.

The Israel-based and Jewish organizations at NRB included David Rubin from Shiloh – Israel Children’s Fund, Tommy Waller from Hayovel, former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman from Yad L’Olim, Tali Shalem Taub from HolyGems, Rabbi Doron Perez from the World Mizrachi Movement, EL AL, My Heritage, and Blessed Buy Israel.

Israel365Media prides itself on being the bridge between Israel and its Christian friends all over the world,” said Shlomo Schreibman, VP of Business Development at Israel365Media, the digital marketing branch of Israel365. 

Nick Voichick with Shlomo Schreibman, Director of Sales and Marketing at Israel365media

Israel365Media also hosted special events including a Night to Celebrate Israel, a celebration of Israel’s 75th anniversary, with key speakers including author and motivational speaker Nick Vujicic; Dennis Prager, Israel365 founder Rabbi Tuly Weisz and music by musician Israeli Yair Levi. So far, over 500 people have signed up for the event.

Erick Stakelbeck, the host of The Watchman Show,  hosted the reception.

“The God of Israel is bringing Jews and Christians together in these prophetic times,” Stakelback said at the event. “It is a beautiful thing to be part of and tonight we are at the forefront of this movement.”

Among the top startups and organizations who are appearing at the NRB convention under the Israel365 Media umbrella, are the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, EL AL, My Heritage, Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, IDSF, HolyGems, Blessed Buy Israel, Magdala VR360, and more.

The Guardian of Israel Award was presented to Sheriff Michael Chitwood for his role in combating antisemitism in Florida.

Rabbi Tuly Weisz said, “Out of all the anniversary milestones, Jewish and Christian leaders celebrating Israel’s 75th anniversary together at the NRB, the largest faith-based media gathering, is a hopeful sign for all those who care about Israel. By uniting together, we can rewrite the narrative and change the way people around the world view Israel and the Jewish people.”

“Both Israel and the Jewish people are near and dear to the hearts of Evangelicals, and we are honored to have the opportunity to celebrate the miracle of Israel with our Israeli brothers and sisters at this special event this year,” Troy Miller, President, and CEO of NRB told Israel365 News. “In partnering with Israel365, we have one clear message: we want Christians and Jews to do life together. We are eager to create a space where leaders from both faiths can spark relationships, do business and ministry together, and be an active part of each other’s lives. This is the vision God gives us through His word, and we want to be a part of that promise.”

Rabbi Weisz has been a pioneer in connecting Zonisy Christians with Israel.

“After centuries of hostility, we are thankfully in a new era of Jewish-Christian relations, yet the final frontier – building authentic friendships between our religious communities – remains the most challenging,” he said. “With this in mind, Israel365 is organizing meetings at NRB to help Christians and Jews form new strategic relationships based on shared Biblical values.”

For this purpose, Israel365 also created a “Biblical Zionism Statement of Principles” that like-minded Christians and Jews can choose to sign and endorse.

“We believe that Jews and Christians share a unique bond based on our shared belief in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Hebrew Bible and traditional Biblical values,” reads the first principle. 

“We believe that God has granted the entire Land of Israel to the Jewish people as an eternal right and inheritance,” the document continues.

For decades, NRB has been the hub for thousands of Conservative and Christian media leaders to gather together for high-level meetings and networking. The NRB convention, which this year will take place at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Florida between May 22-25, is the leading conference for Christian communicators from all over the world and attracts thousands of participants from all industries. 

Israel365Media will be hosting booths located in the Cypress Ballroom offering Christian leaders a unique opportunity to connect with Israel.

Come visit Israel365 Media at the NRB Convention or for more information about Israel365Media please visit

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