Christian Zionist leaders pray for Israel in her time of war

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem's remembrancers Take no rest




(the israel bible)

May 11, 2023

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Over 500 rockets have been fired at Israel by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza since Wednesday, despite efforts to negotiate a ceasefire. The IDF has taken to the field to protect the Jewish State and precision airstrikes have succeeded in neutralizing several top Islamist commanders responsible for the rocket attacks; several civilians, including children, were killed as well.

The complex situation has left many Christians conflicted and perplexed, wondering how to pray for the situation to end without any more suffering. Israel365 News reached out to Christian prayer leaders.

John Enarson, the Christian Relations Director for Cry For Zion, a Temple Mount advocacy group, lives in Israel with his wife and children and has a strong personal interest in praying for Israel’s safety. He recently published an article on how a Christian who values peace on earth and love for all of God’s creatures should pray at a time when Israel is at war.

“True love and grace for Arabs in the Middle East does not mean compromising on truth,” he began. “Grace and truth go together, always. Firstly, I love and have compassion for the Arab peoples caught in an ideology of death, lies, and violence. My biblically mandated love does not, however, require that I accept a false premise of a ‘Palestinian’ national people.”

“There is a needed truth to love and pray for the Arab enemies of Israel,” Enarson wrote. “But too often it is coupled with a penchant for bartering away the truth in the name of misguided compassion.

“Christian pacifism has a long history which space does not permit me to address here. Suffice it to say that it is based on replacement theology,” Enarson wrote. “And Christian pacifism does not work.But many Christians feel they can only pray generally for peace, and hope for the best.

“Maybe it will just go away soon and all violence will stop. At most, they pray for God to strike the enemy with confusion, and hope the rockets miraculously end up in the sea. That might happen. But praying for the IDF to have wisdom and victory in stopping jihadists from killing both innocent Jews and Arabs, may legitimately entail that those jihadists die. That is not unbiblical to pray for,” Enarson stated. “The key is that it saved other innocent victims from dying and going to their graves. This may even extend to innocent bystanders who die in war. As Naftali Bennet recently put it bluntly on Al Jazeera, by turning a private home into a rocket launcher, it is the same as if Hamas effectively murdered those innocents too.”

Tommy Waller, the head of Hayovel, an organization that brings Christian lovers of Zion to work in the vineyards of Samaria, also lives in Israel with his family. He composed a prayer to help guide Christians:

“Please God have mercy on Christianity, who until this point in history, has been ignorant of the irrevocable covenant You spoke over the people and the land of Israel,” Waller said. “Help us to transition from the heresy of replacement theology to the plan You put in place to rebuild, replant, and fully restore Israel. Help us, as Christians and lovers of the God of Israel, to take part in the process of Israel’s physical salvation so that You may bless and save the world.

“God, we have desecrated our faith before the Jewish people,” Waller wrote. “Nowhere in the New Testament nor in Jesus’ teachings were we instructed to terrorize the Jewish people. At the end of days, Your wrath towards us would be justified. My prayer is that You would have mercy on those who call themselves Christians and open our eyes to the Holy irrevocable calling of Your elect. I pray this in the merit of Jesus and the God of Israel who will judge the nations on how they treated Israel and the Jewish people. (Matthew 25:31-46) Amen.”

Lars Enarson, a Swedish Christian Bible teacher is the founder and president of The Watchman International, a ministry dedicated to uniting the church in prayer and intercession for end-time revival, suggested a simple method of praying for Israel.

“It’s hard to find a more appropriate prayer for Israel right now under the barrage of rockets and terror attacks, than the one we always pray every morning for Israel from the Siddur,” Enarson said. ““Heavenly Father, Israel’s Rock and Redeemer, bless the state of Israel, the first flowering of redemption. Shield it under the wings of your loving-kindness and spread over it the Tabernacle of your peace. Send your light and truth to its leaders, ministers and counselors, and direct them with good counsel before you. Strengthen the hands of the defenders of the Holy Land, grant them deliverance, our God, and crown them with the crown of victory. Grant peace in the Land and everlasting joy to its inhabitants.”

Christine Darg, who, along with her husband Peter, is the co-founder of the Jerusalem Channel TV and ministry, noted that the Isaiah62 global prayer initiative could not possibly be more timely, coinciding with the attacks on Israel.

“With hundreds of rockets fired towards Israel in the past few hours, 24/7 emergency vehicles are ready to respond to call-outs and emergencies,” Darg told Israel365 News. “But intercessors are also sending up many emergency prayers. Every day God sends faithful intercessors to pray with me because our ministry is one of the many prayer hubs involved in the global initiative to pray for Israel.”

Darg noted that she and her friends who come to Israel to express their love for the God of Israel are targeted in the same rocket attacks that target the “pupil of God’s eye”.

“We reject antisemitism and anti-Zionism because God himself has whistled [Zechariah 10: 8] for the Jewish people, summoning them to return,” Darg said. “No power on earth can stop the God of Israel. The rockets fired all over southern and central Israel within the last hours cannot stop God’s momentum. That is why the global Isaiah62 prayer call is such a refreshment to those of us who have prayed for decades for the peace of Jerusalem.

“The fact that the organizers claim 4 million Christians are praying is a sign and a wonder,” Darg told Israel365 News. “I always hope that such positive statistics are true.”

She referred to the Prophet Isaiah as giving guidance to Christians praying for Israel.

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem’s remembrancers Take no rest Isaiah 62:6

“You who call on the LORD shall take no rest for yourselves, nor give Him any rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth,” Darg said. “This is the Watchman’s Call.

“But it is a corporate prayer duty as well. God has promised to meet us on the ground of earnest and constant prayer. The history of prayer is full of marvels. Persistent prayer ends in praise. Jerusalem will be established, and will become the praise — the glory — of the earth. This is our prayer goal. Amen! Have a blessed day of shalom, prayer and praise.”

Israel365 has set up a web page for people to post their prayers for IDF soldiers and Israelis living under the threat of rockets.

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