Isaiah 62 Fast: Three weeks of Christians around the world praying and fasting for Israel

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem's remembrancers Take no rest




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May 4, 2023

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For three weeks, millions of Christians around the world will be joining in an unprecedented event, praying and fasting for Israel.

From May 7-28, a collaboration of several thousand ministries is calling on one million Christians to participate in a “global solemn assembly” for at least one hour a day. Some participants will fast in various ways. The initiative is based on a verse in Isaiah:

Upon your walls, O Yerushalayim, I have set watchmen, Who shall never be silent By day or by night. O you, Hashem’s remembrancers Take no rest Isaiah 62:6

Christian translations of the Bible refer to the watchmen in this verse as “intercessors”. An intercessor is defined as a person who intervenes on behalf of another, especially by prayer. 

The organizers believe the event has end-of-days implications:

“This 21-day fast is a “global Esther moment” (Esth. 4:14-16) that will be a significant down payment for the final ultimate global Esther moment when millions of believers will engage in prayer, speak out boldly for God’s purposes for Israel (as seen in Scripture), and stand with Israel as anti-Semitism increases. This fast is also important for today as Israel faces several very significant conflicts.”

As per the verse’s description of constant watchfulness, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City will have a dedicated prayer room that is committed to worship and praying non-stop 24/7 for 3 weeks, acting as a hub for other prayer initiatives.

Tommy Waller, the head of Hayovel has been involved with the preparations and will take part in the event with a specific goal in mind.

“We’ve been working with organizations trying to get them to see Israel differently outside of the typical missionary mindset,” Waller told Israel365 News. “It seems to be that there’s a turn towards an understanding of the physical restoration of Israel and what that means for our own messianic belief. It can’t be said that the Church has entirely turned around in this regard. We’re talking literally upwards of 100 million people from different organizations and it is impossible to say that all of them are not missionaries. But we are participating in the hope to change the replacement narrative.”

With that disclaimer, Waller expressed high expectations for the event.

“And so that’s our hope; that somehow we can get churches, congregations, and even denominations to change, to actually admit that they’re rejecting the replacement narrative,” he said. “Many say they have but they really haven’t changed their definition of Israel’s salvation in the last 500 years. Obviously, there are going to be people giving a different replacement-based viewpoint because they’re just not there yet. For the sake of our brothers and our nations that need to be at the ultimate House of Prayer, we have to start the dialogue.”

“I think we have to bring the message to Christianity that Jewish identity is a very serious thing for us to guard. We need to say to the Jewish people that we desire them to be fully walking their Jewish identity. The markers that God gave to the Jewish people are critical for the world.”

Edward Ćwierz, who helped found the Cenacle Church of Kielce in south central Poland in 1992, will be taking part in the event.

“The prayer for the salvation of Israel is deeply related to the second coming of Yeshua and the revival of the whole earth,” Ćwierz told Israel365 News. “We are talking about a revival, an awakening for the world. Without the Jews, we do not share in the fullness of God’s properties.”

“We recognize that the revival of Israel in 1948 was one of the major miracles of the 20th century,” he said. “We see that this is a sign of the present times. Like God’s clock, it ran in Israel, indicating the imminence of the coming of the Lord.”

Ćwierz believes that Israel is at an important spiritual juncture.

“The current upheavals in Israel are not just political,” he said. “This situation is a moment in Israel’s history when God wants to draw people to Himself with the conviction that only He is able to help Israel and unite Judah and Israel.”

“That is why this fasting and prayer for the salvation of Israel is of such great value at this moment in history. The goal is also to get 100 million Christians to pray for Israel. What is impossible for men is possible for God!”

More information can be obtained on the event’s website or Facebook page. The website identifies churches, ministries, Bible studies, youth groups, and other organizations that desire to be a hub for the prayer event, providing ministry resources, regular communication, and help in mobilizing others. People can also join in on the Israel365-affiliated Jerusalem Tours website.

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