Sep 29, 2022
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Overlooking Mount Zion, Root Source co-founder and Blood Moon expert Bob O’Dell turned Blood Moon prophecy on its head by demonstrating that Christian Blood Moon theorists were wrong about the signs in the heavens.

After years of studying Blood Moon eclipses and Jewish history chronologies, O’Dell revealed a new way to look at the Blood Moon tetrads during his keynote address at the Root Source celebratory launch Monday night at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

O’Dell’s research demonstrates that each tetrad occurring on Jewish feast days revealed a great spiritual treasure. The tetrads were God’s way of leaving “bread crumbs in the sky,” pinpointing the year of one of the most controversial, and important dates in ancient history. O’Dell connected the Blood Moon tetrad on 1579-1578 BCE with the Exodus and the giving of the Jewish Bible, the Torah.

Popular Blood Moon “prophets” such as Pastor Mark Biltz and Pastor John Hagee have pointed to three tetrad cycles (1493-1494, 1948-1949 and 1967-1968) to prove, according to Hagee’s sermon series popularizing Blood Moon prophecy, that “something is about to change.” Biltz was the first to recognize that these three tetrads all occurred following pivotal years in Jewish history.

blood moon tetrad 2014-2015

In 2013, O’Dell recognized two primary shortcomings with popular Blood Moon prophecies. First, the verse in Joel 3:4, “The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and awesome day of the Lord comes,” refers to the sun turning to blood before the great day of the Lord. The Blood Moon tetrads all took place after the pivotal historical events.

Second, there were several other Blood Moon tetrads occurring on Jewish feast days prior to 1493 that were not addressed by Hagee or Biltz.

“I was never comfortable with the predictions being made which required the ignoring of half the data,” said O’Dell, a computer scientist and high tech entrepreneur. “The timing was another problem as the data contradicted the verse in Joel that everyone was using to tie the Blood Moons to scripture.”

O’Dell offered Monday night for the first time a new, comprehensive theory that he says fits all of the available astronomical data and is consistent with Biblical scripture.

O’Dell claims that the Blood Moons are not a sign of Divine Judgment, but a witness in the sky that God has not forgotten His covenant to restore His people to their land.

As such, the Blood Moons should be seen as “God’s gift to the Jewish people” and a sign of celebration and not a cause for fear, as each of the waves of Blood Moons occurring on Passover and Sukkot throughout history signalled a mini-Exodus.

By using this new model, O’Dell, with the help of several Jewish friends including his Root Source co-partner Gidon Ariel, also began to see patterns throughout history going all the way back to the original exodus from Egypt.

Previously overlooked patterns in Jewish history linked to Blood Moon tetrads.

Previously overlooked patterns in Jewish history linked to Blood Moon tetrads.

According to O’Dell’s research, he discovered that his chronology of the Exodus fell exactly, to the very year, upon the date of four Blood Moons that occurred starting in 1579 BCE, one of only two Blood Moon tetrads in a 1,000 year period in which the Exodus could have occurred.

“I was speechless,” said O’Dell. “It was like God had placed four red bread crumbs in the sky, so that thousands of years later we might be able to look back and see His master plan, His firm commitment that the people would reach their land.”

O’Dell’s discoveries are available in a paper entitled “Exodus and the Blood Moons”. Root Source is hoping that by shedding light onto the luminaries, more Jews will explore their heritage and spiritual treasures.