Jewelry company offers unique artifacts inspired by the beauty described in the Bible 

Look up all around you and see: They are all assembled, come to you! As I live —declares Hashem— You shall don them all like jewels, Deck yourself with them like a bride,




(the israel bible)

March 16, 2023

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“Look up all around you and see: They are all assembled, come to you! As I live —declares Hashem— You shall don them all like jewels, Deck yourself with them like a bride,” reads verse 18 in chapter 49 of Isaiah.

The Prophet depicts the moments when God brings back the Jews from the exiles and restores them to the Land of Israel as times filled with beauty, serenity and joy.

This scenario has inspired the creation of the “Ingathering of the Exiles” necklace, one of the unique pieces included in the HolyGems spinel collection. HolyGems is the world’s only jewelry inlaid with never-seen-before, natural precious gems mined from the Land of Israel.

For this reason, all HolyGems jewelry are exclusively available in the group’s online store, as well as in its showrooms in Jerusalem and Akko.

The collection includes several limited-edition pieces inspired by verses of the Bible. The spinels inlaid in the jewelry are one of the types of precious stones that was unexpectedly found in the area after years of research.

Gem quality spinel has long been used for jewelry, including in the British and the French Crown Jewels. 

In March 2020, for the first time in recorded history, the presence of precious spinels in the Holy Land was officially recognized by the Israeli authority after the stones were found in the Kishon Mine.

The Holy Land Spinel is composed of the same mineralogical properties of common spinel, and comes in a shiny opaque empowering black.

“Ingathering of the Exiles” is an 18k gold necklace crafted with 2.25 carats of black high-end spinel and decorated with small diamonds. The artifact offers a unique connection with the land of Israel and its biblical heritage combined with the beauty of its classic but modern style.

Spinels are not the only gem that has been found in the land of Israel. HolyGems jewelry – all available for sale online – also features garnets, sapphires and a never-found before type of stone, the Carmel Sapphire.

Garnets have been used for jewelry since the Bronze Age. Holy Land Garnets are composed mainly of the mineralogical properties of ‘pyrope’ garnets, and come in beautiful colors, ranging from eternal brownish amber to passionate red – representing the red color of love from the most sacred source.

“A Link to the Source” is a limited edition 14k gold necklace, crafted with red high-end garnets.

The necklace offers a unique connection to the deepest sources of spirituality, the land of Israel and its biblical connection to God.

While the Bible mentions gemstones in multiple verses and books, for centuries nobody had found evidence that such stones could be uncovered in the region. 

HolyGems has changed that and is proud to offer its customers artifacts that embody the beauty described in those verses.

For an exclusive shopping experience straight from the Holy Land, you can visit HolyGems virtual showroom here.

This article was written in cooperation with HolyGems.

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