Antisemitism: In Our Times

They encircle me with words of hate; they attack me without cause.




(the israel bible)

March 8, 2023

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A recent incident in Florida’s Miami-Dade school district brought national attention to the new generation of antisemitism in America. As on-field anti-Semitic slurs erupted into violence breaking out between Catholic and Jewish high school soccer teams, verbal assaults of “Hitler was right,” and “dirty Jews” were hurled against the Jewish students. The ongoing cycle of age-old hatred once again tragically registered on young faces. I couldn’t help but think what a shame that these Catholic kids—and no doubt their parents —have never heard of “Nostra Aetate” the formal document of the Catholic Church signed by Pope John Paul VI in 1965 that officially decried antisemitism. Unlike hatred, “good news” gets overlooked.

The remarkable story of the declaration of “Nostra Aetate” (translated “In Our Times”) in 1965 is today known by far too few young Catholics, Protestants, Jews and other people of conscience. In ‘Nostra Aetate,’ the Catholic Church acknowledged that Jews are not responsible for the death of Jesus. It further cited the elimination of the deicide narrative and recognized that the Jewish covenant with God for the land of Israel has not been broken. It further states that Christianity sprang from Jewish roots and is inextricably intertwined with Judaism. It formally decried hatred, persecution and any displays of antisemitism against the Jewish people.

What a concept for today’s “woke” generation! Now well into the 21st century, Holocaust deniers and a new generation of those that hate the Jewish people continue to propagate the lies espoused in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a book that has been an enduring threat to Jews globally since its dissemination from Russia over 100 years ago. The false libels contained in and spawned by that book were the foundation of the Nazi extermination of six million Jews and are even today being proliferated openly on the internet to engage a new generation of Jew-hatred aimed at young people. I would imagine more kids on that soccer field in Miami have been exposed to “the Protocols” and have never heard of “Nostra Aetate.” Studies of human nature leave no doubt that hatred is perpetuated by fear and ignorance and inherited from generation to generation.

These young people on that soccer field in Miami are the future leaders of America, and our hope for the future continued support of Israel as America’s strongest committed ally and friend. 

I covet your prayers. I have called on the Archdiocese of Miami to allow me to have our organization bring an educational screening of our film, The Forgotten People: Christianity and the Holocaust to the community to bring a healing of Catholic and Jewish relations that will impact and educate our most valuable asset: our children.

Laurie Cardoza Moore is the Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN), a Christian non-profit dedicated to educating Christians on their biblical responsibility to support Israel and the Jewish brethren. Through her recent efforts, Holocaust Education reforms in Florida’s educational system have brought the next generation of support for Israel a step closer for the state’s 1.8 million students.

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