Where Faith Meets Fashion: Religious Jewelry Company Keeps Modesty A Value

“And they saw the God of Yisrael: under His feet there was the likeness of a pavement of sapphire, like the very sky for purity,”




(the israel bible)

February 28, 2023

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When models participate in a shooting for HolyGems, the world’s only jewelry brand inlaid with gemstones mined in the Land of Israel, they know that the outcome will be elegant and dignified pictures, highlighting earrings, necklaces and bracelets in a graceful way. 

For HolyGems, modesty is not just a question of style, it is a core value behind the company, which was founded and is run by religious Jews.

“Part of the reason we decided to establish our own brand is that there are some values that are important to us,” said HolyGems CEO Tali Shalem-Taub. “Modesty is one of them.”

“We believe that the land of Israel is holy and these gems come from a holy place, and therefore they have to be treated with respect,” she added. For this reason, all HolyGems jewelry are exclusively available in the group’s online store, as well as in its showrooms in Jerusalem and Akko.

The Bible mentions gemstones in multiple verses and books.

“I have spared no effort to lay up for the House of my God gold for golden objects, silver for silver, copper for copper, iron for iron, wood for wooden, onyx-stone and inlay-stone, stone of antimony and variegated colors—every kind of precious stone and much marble,” reads the second verse of II Chronicles 29.

Yet, for centuries nobody had found evidence that such stones could be found in Israel. However, in 1988, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the rebbe of the Hasidic group Chabad Lubavitch, suggested that those gems were there, hidden deep in the area of the city of Haifa.

A few years later, inspired by his words, Abraham “Avi” Taub, a follower of the Rebbe and Tali’s father, decided that he would find them.

In 1999, Avi established a new company – Shefa in Israel G.M. Ltd – for the exploration, research, and development of gemstones mines in Northern Israel. 

Indeed, after years of work, the company identified an economic deposit of precious gems, including a new unique type of stone that shocked the scientific community and was given the name of Carmel Sapphire, inspired by a verse in the Bible.

“And they saw the God of Yisrael: under His feet there was the likeness of a pavement of sapphire, like the very sky for purity,” reads Exodus 24:10.

Today, HolyGems offers a whole line of jewelry featuring Carmel Sapphires, bringing out the most of their sky-like color. Each piece is inspired by Jewish and biblical traditions, like the “Miriam’s Tambourine” ring, or the “Good News Flower” earrings.

“The blossoms have appeared in the land, The time of pruning has come; The song of the turtledove Is heard in our land,” reads a verse from the second chapter of the Song of Songs.

The Carmel Sapphire Collection, as well as jewelry featuring Holy Land garnets, spinets and sapphires, all mined in Israel, are available for sale online.

After Avi’s sudden death in 2019, his mission has been taken over by his children, who make sure to continue pursuing his dream of uncovering the treasures of the land of Israel described in the Bible. Tali, who had worked closely with her father for 15 years, was chosen as the new CEO of the company.

According to Tali, while in 2023 being a woman CEO is not as unusual as in the past, the environment still tends to be dominated by men.

“It is not what it used to be, but the business world, the religious world and the mining world are still very masculine,” she said. “However, once you do everything you are supposed to do, people trust you. Even if there are times that you have to prove yourself more than a man would need to do.”

For an exclusive shopping experience straight from the Holy Land, you can visit HolyGems virtual showroom here.

This article was written in cooperation with HolyGems.

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