97% of antisemitic attacks in NYC carried out by minorities

They encircle me with words of hate; they attack me without cause.




(the israel bible)

January 1, 2023

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A newly released report covering 194 cases of assault against Jews from 2018-2022 revealed the disturbing state of antisemitism in New York City. 

Americans Against Antisemitism, a grassroots, non-partisan organization launched in 2019, released its 2022 report on antisemitism in New York City, revealing several key findings:

  • Jews not only account for the majority of hate crime victims in NYC (by volume and per capita) but Jews are also attacked on average in more than 70% of police precincts — twice the rate of the next most targeted group.
  • Contrary to common perception, in NYC, the vast majority of perpetrators of anti-Jewish hate crimes are members of other minority groups, not white supremacists. 
  • Since 2018, of 118 potentially trackable individuals arrested for anti-Jewish hate crimes, AAA positively identified 84, of which only 1 has been convicted and sentenced to a significant prison term; 15 accepted plea deals that do not appear to involve any prison time; 23 have had hate crime charges removed or criminal charges dropped altogether; 22 are still “pending”; and 23 remain unknown, having totally disappeared from criminal court records.  
  • When it comes to anti-Jewish hate crimes in NYC, numerous case studies presented herein demonstrate that there are practically no serious consequences to be had or severe punishments to be faced by very violent and hateful criminals who’ve caused significant physical, emotional, and psychological harm to their victims.

The report documented 194 cases of assault against Jews from April 2018 to August 2022. 154 of the assaults involved physical attacks and 40 were verbal assaults. 

“[T]his report is focused entirely on the subset of assault (verbal and physical) as a hate crime,” Israel Bitton, director of AAA, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “This is an important distinction because very often the wild stats on anti-Jewish hate crimes are often downplayed as ‘mostly against property,’ so it is important to quantify the extent of anti-Jewish assaults on persons which shows that even when controlling for crimes against property the number of attacks on Jewish persons remains the highest of all target groups,” Bitton explained.

In less than half the cases, the perpetrator was arrested and in less than half of those cases, those arrested were charged. Only two cases ended in prison sentences for the offenders.

“[T]hat shows greater audacity on the part of hate criminals who may be emboldened to attack Jews in broad daylight in Jewish communities because they know they can expect two things: a lack of public outcry; and a slap on the wrist from the criminal justice system,” Bitton said.

In 99 instances the assailants’ race or ethnicity was reported. 97% of attacks in which the assailant’s identity was reported were perpetrated by ethnic minorities.

69% of attacks were carried out by blacks, 17% by Asians (including Arabs), and 11% by Hispanics. In addition, 17% of assaults on NY Jews were carried out by Muslims.

22% of the attacks were carried out by teenagers and 23% were carried out by groups of perpetrators.

94% of the victims targeted in the attacks were Haredi Orthodox, with 52% coming from the Hasidic community. 151 of the attacks took place in four neighborhoods in the borough of Brooklyn, with the biggest hotspots being Williamsburg, where 29% of the attacks occurred, Flatbush/Midwood, where 29% of attacks were reported, followed by Crown Heights with 25%, and Boro Park/Kensington with 14%.

“[I]t’s the first study to examine how hate crime violence can be disproportionately affecting a particular subset of a target group and thus it’s the first data to support what has only been suspected anecdotally which is that Orthodox Jews bear the disproportionate share of antisemitic violence,” Bitton notedThere were several other shocking revelations. The report noted that Jews account for 60% of hate crime victims while constituting less than 2% of the population. Jewish students on university campuses across the country are being shunned, marginalized, intimidated and forced to play down their Jewish identity while having anti-Zionist (and antisemitic) ideologies practically forced upon them. Nearly a third of the American Jewish population now fears wearing Jewish symbols in public, while a quarter avoids Jewish events and institutions in fear of being targeted for violence (AJC survey).

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