Media Company Focusing on Christian Market turns to Celebrity Influencers

December 29, 2022

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On September 12, 2022, those who tuned in to “The Watchman” with Erick Stakelbeck were not only presented with the latest news about Iran’s sinister plan to use military facilities in Syria to manufacture munitions. They also received an appeal from the host to donate to the non-profit Meir Panim, which supports needy Israelis in breaking the cycle of poverty.

The connection between Meir Panim and Stakelbeck, news director for TBN, the world’s largest Christian television network, was made by Israel365 Media, a division of Israel365 – one of the largest Anglo marketing and communications companies in Israel, with over thirty employees. 

Israel365 Media helps Israeli NGOs and companies reach the Christian Evangelical audience, primarily – but not exclusively – in North America. Recently, Israel365 began working with Christian and conservative influencers to increase its reach.

The episode of The Watchman featuring Meir Panim had almost 100,000 views on YouTube, and over 1,000 donors donated to the charity after watching the video and similar ones mentioning Meir Panim, with total donations in the six figures.

“We offer a variety of services to our clients,” says Shlomo Schreibman, vice president of Business Development at Israel365 Media. “We provide marketing services, Facebook and Google Ads, PR, video creation, and more. But with paid advertising on social media growing more expensive and less effective, we’ve shifted more of our clients’ advertising budgets to influencer marketing.”

Among the influencers working with Israel365 Media are conservative radio hosts Eric Metaxas, Dennis Prager and celebrity chef Jamie Geller. But the company is also working with “real people” and “micro” influencers who have grown loyal followings on social media.

Israel365 Media has recently added an influencer department to a team that has long specialized in marketing Israeli companies to Christian Evangelicals. Sam Kershner, head of the new influencer marketing department at Israel365 Media, shared his enthusiasm with us and mentioned the connections he makes via social media build a long-lasting bridge between Israel and its supporters around the world. 

“Our creative team is very good at crafting the right message for the Christian market, and our decision-making is data-driven,” Schreibman explains. “We do an in-depth analysis of data from over 100,000 of our customers and donors, with a deep dive into donors’ and customers’ giving capacity and purchasing habits. We’ve sold over $1 million of Israeli products in the past year through Facebook alone.”

Schreibman concludes: “We have a great creative team, and we are ready to embrace the market shift to social media influencers. We’re adding one new influencer a day to our network. Our plan is to build the largest pro-Israel influencer network in the world.”

The author is Marketing and Content Manager at Israel365, the parent company of Israel365 Media.

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