Knesset Committee discusses whether a new minister will be appointed for the Third Temple

Unless Hashem builds the house, its builders labor in vain on it; unless Hashem watches over the city, the watchman keeps vigil in vain.




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December 22, 2022

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During a discussion in a Knesset committee concerning a new law,  a question was raised about its application after the construction of the Third Temple. Though the suggestion was in jest and generated light-hearted banter, most of the opposition to the law came from the religious MKs while many of the non-religious lawmakers said they supported the law and did not oppose the Temple.

Hebrew language Kikar HaShabbat reported that on Wednesday morning, the Knesset’s Constitution, Law and Justice Committee discussed Amendment No. 14 to one the country’s Basic Law titled “The Government,” which adopted in its current form in 2001 to outline the composition and function of the Israeli government. The amendment currently being considered allows for the addition of ministers. 

The question was raised by MK Michal Shir (Yesh Atid), a non-religious MK, if the government would be able,or even required to appoint an additional minister if the Third Temple is constructed.

It should be noted that Shir opposed the bill and clearly intended the question to be a critical note of sarcasm to illustrate the shortcomings of the intended law.

The suggestion caused a bit of consternation as questions were raised if voting in favor of the amendment implied support for the construction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Several MKs noted that they favored the law but not the Temple. Others noted that they opposed the law but not the Temple.

This caused a moment of confusion when a vote was called with one MK asking if they were voting for the Temple or the amendment. Several of the religious MKs voted “Nay”, presumably opposing the amendment but not necessarily opposing the Third Temple.

“You see, the Reform Jews will make the Temple for us,” one religious MK noted.

“I have no problem that there will be a Temple,” MK Shir said. “It may as well come tomorrow, as far as I am concerned.”

Shlomo Karhi (Likud) raised the question, “Who will design the Third Temple? Ayelet Shaked?”.

Shaked from the Yamina party is currently serving as Minister of Interior. She does not identify as religiously observant.

MK Shir responded, “Even a woman can design the temple.”

MK Uriel Buso noted that “there really is religion in the opposition”.

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