Ukrainian Refugees Train To Become EMTs in Israel 

And there is hope for your future —declares Hashem: Your children shall return to their country.




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August 28, 2022

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Jerusalem – On Thursday last week, a special EMT training course celebrated its graduation ceremony. The course was specially designed for members of the Breslev community in Uman who had fled Ukraine during the onset of the war with Russia. The course was held in Jerusalem and was completed last week, six months after the beginning of the fighting in the country.


Taught by United Hatzalah’s dedicated instructors, Yechiel Mayberg and Uriel Amrani, the special course aimed to strengthen emergency medical response in and around the community of Uman and lower the response time to medical emergencies. The newly graduated EMTs hope to return to Uman soon and assist in the region in light of the country’s new reality.


In attendance at the graduation ceremony was United Hatzalah’s Vice President of Volunteer Operations, Eliezer Hyman, who thanked the graduates for their dedication: “You came to Israel and invested your time and efforts to learn how to give the most professional response to medical emergencies in Uman and throughout Ukraine. Your actions are worthy of the highest praise. You are the latest reinforcement to United Hatzalah’s extensive activities in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.”


Deputy head of the Uman chapter of United Hatzalah Aharon Ben Harush said: “Our activities in Uman and throughout Ukraine start upon receiving news of the emergency and only end when the patient is discharged from hospital. Our dedicated team of volunteers accompanies the patient at the hospital in order to assist them with any language difficulties and help translate instructions from the medical staff and help the patient throughout the course of the medical treatment. We are delighted to see new EMTs join the chapter in these challenging times.”

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