German Funds caught skirting Israeli law

I will curse those who curse you




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August 28, 2022

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According to a recent investigation conducted by  Im Tirtzu, nearly one billion shekels have been funneled to radical left-wing organizations operating within Israel over the last decade.

The leading supporter of these radical organizations is Germany, a country that, despite a law passed in 2019 that equated the BDS movement with Anti-Semitism, has funneled more than 150 million shekels to radical left-wing organizations, many of which promote BDS.

Im Tirtzu discovered that a significant amount of that 150 million Shekels had been transferred to Israel through German organizations in devious ways of questionable legality. Much of the funds that are funneled into Israel are transferred to Israel through political entities linked with German political parties represented in the Bundestag. Despite the money being designated for political use within the German political system, it is instead used to uproot policies within Israel.

Germany has not successfully determined how the money is being used, since the organizations are being classified as “independent organizations.” In order to grant German government money, the recipient organization has to meet the criteria that the money is aligned with the political party’s agenda. This broad definition has essentially allowed German government money to be floated to whichever NGO a party desires.

 The Heinrich Böll Foundation has not submitted financial reports since 2014. The Rosa Luxemborg Foundation which is associated with the Die Linke(left) Party has skirted the laws for years and does not have a valid operating license. The Heinz Seidel Foundation sent over 900 thousand shekels to the Palestinian Authority, which contradicts the agenda of the Foundation, a public-benefit corporation, and provides legal grounds for having it shut down.

Even former Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party is linked to the Konrad Adenauer Organization, which has consistently broken Israeli Law by failing to submit financial reports, required for organizations whose source of funding is overseas.

 As noted in the just released expose “The Country for Sale” authored by Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu, and published by Sella Meir:

“The Germans have a long-standing obsession with the Jewish people. On a historical level, this is a phenomenon that preceded the invention of the word “anti-Semitism” in the 19th century. Thus, even the Holocaust of the Jews perpetrated by them did not appear out of thin air.

Even today, when examining the sums that Germany transfers to anti-Zionist propaganda organizations, which work to defame the State of Israel and IDF soldiers, they realize that at the end of the day, nothing has changed and all they seek is to salve their consciences after the Holocaust, by funding organizations that tell them that the Jews are the source of the so-called global evil and thus they are ‘saving’ the weak – the Arabs.

Germany is the world’s leading country in funding Israeli far-left organizations, with a sum of about NIS 155 million over the past decade. Even more than the EU.

The State of Israel should not stand helpless in the face of this phenomenon, certainly not when it accepts the form of political subversion that threatens the character and proper conduct of the state.

We call on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to demand an immediate halt to funds transferred illegally through German branches to Israeli NGOs, and expect the Foreign Ministry to file a formal complaint with the German government to prosecute those responsible for the violations of the law.

The Israel Police and the State Attorney’s Office must also enforce the law and prosecute those responsible.”

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