The Top 5 Israeli Innovations helping women’s health and menopause

And Sara laughed to herself, saying, “Now that I am withered, am I to have enjoyment—with my husband so old?”




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August 11, 2022

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A famous Israeli startup is turning its attention to women’s health. These so-called ‘FemTech’ companies are creating new products and diagnostic technology for women’s health, especially the difficulties associated with menopause. 

Although menopause manifests itself differently in every woman, there are universal symptoms that often disrupt a woman’s everyday life. The issues around the hormonal changes throughout a woman’s life are often referred to as the biblical ‘curse of Eve’ placed on women following Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Life. We look at five companies leading the way in FemTech innovation, combatting some of the most prevalent menopause-related issues. 


Lyra Medical 

One such innovation comes from Lyra Medical, which has created a mesh framed anchorless device that is surgically inserted and helps to sustain the position of prolapsed pelvic organs. This device mimics the behavior of the natural anatomy and restores the pelvic organs to their anatomical and functional locations with minimal risk. Lyra Medical set out to create a more effective solution than those currently on the market by replacing the pelvic floor with minimal interference, improving the lives of millions of menopausal women around the world.  



Another common problem women face during menopause is the loss of bone density, resulting in osteoporosis. This can lead to broken bones following falls in old age which can negatively affect the quality of life, as well as reduce life expectancy. (40% of elderly people who experience a fall, die within 3 years.) The Israeli company, Amorphical is tackling this problem with a new calcium tablet that has proven to exhibit better results in treating calcium deficiency, due to its higher absorption rate and higher solubility. 



One often overlooked symptom of menopause is the change in vaginal conditions, which causes women major discomfort and can also lead to a decrease in intimacy.  Physicians frequently prescribe Vagifem to restore the natural vaginal balance. As one of the most frequently prescribed vaginal dryness treatments, Vagifem is in high demand. To ensure its availability,  Israeli suppliers, such as Israelpharm, bring this treatment, as well as many others, to the global market by making them available online to international patients at a fraction of the cost. 



Israeli femtech innovators Aquafit-Intimate are working to improve vaginal health with their Aquafit Pré Gel Stick. Aquafit Pré helps patients regain vaginal elasticity, soothes sensitive tissue, and balances healthy vaginal pH to protect against infection, for pain free intimacy. While a large percentage of women going through menopause report experiencing vaginal dryness, this kind of discomfort is not exclusive to them, with many younger women having encountered similar difficulties. Many of these treatments can be used by women of any age.  


IUB Prima

Many more exciting innovations are emerging from the Israeli FemTech industry. One such extraordinary product, waiting to be greenlit for consumers, is the IUB Prima device. The IUB is a small patented 3D ball frame that carries drug-eluting beads for local targeted delivery. By inserting the device into the uterus, the IUB Prima allows for drug delivery without needing the drugs to be carried around the whole body. This has the potential to address women’s health issues such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and symptoms of menopause.  


As Israel’s Femtech industry works hard to produce solutions for menopausal women, it creates a revolutionary ripple within the field, broadening the space for new ideas and new solutions, and improving the general direction of women’s health. Yet another way in which Israel is acting as a ‘light unto the nations’ as a beacon of healing. 

Israelpharm offers US customers the ability to benefit from Israeli pricing on common pharmaceuticals through its website Products are dispensed by US-licensed pharmacists within Israel and shipped directly to your door. 

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