Terrorist in Charge of Passover Massacre in Netanya Finishes Master’s Degree in Israeli Prison

I’ll incense them with a no-folk, Vex them with a nation of fools.




(the israel bible)

August 2, 2022

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Abbas al-Sayyid a terrorist who ordered the Passover massacre of 2002 and ordered a suicide bombing of a mall in 2001 has just received his master’s degree in Area Studies while serving 35 life sentences.

Al-Sayyid’s wife sent a message to the media: “At the mercy of the injustice of the prison and the warden, our prisoners innovate in bringing children into the world behind bars (through sperm smuggling), in education and obtaining the highest level of degrees, thanks to their patience, courage, steadfastness and strong will.” She also added that her husband achieved top marks and is planning to obtain his doctorate once he is released from prison.

Al-Sayyid was the commander of Hamas in Tulkarm and was sentenced to 35 life sentences in 2006(one for each of his victims.)

The first attack took place in May 2001, when a suicide bomber killed five people in a mall and injured 86.

The second attack was the notorious “Passover Massacre” where a suicide bomber entered a Passover Seder taking place at the Park  Hotel in Netanya and blew himself up killing 30 people and injuring 160.

Al-Sayyid’s verdict stated that Al-Sayyid served as Hamas’s spokesman and commander in Tulkarm and “maintained ties with the Hamas leadership in Syria, received tens of thousands of dollars from them to finance Hamas activities, organized demonstrations, represented Hamas in the media, purchased weapons and ammunition, and studied and prepared explosives and IEDs. He also conspired with his nephew Tareq Seiden to obtain various chemicals for him to use to make explosives and IEDs.”

Matan Peleg, CEO of Im Tirtzu and Maor Zemach, Chairman of Lech Yerushalayim, said: ”The fact that Al-Quds University operates within the territory of sovereign Jerusalem and allows itself to distribute titles to abominable terrorists and murderers is a disgrace for the State of Israel. Just as the Minister of Education acts to close schools that incite violence, she must act immediately to close this institution that incites murder. The principals should be sent to prison immediately.”

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