PA Report: Biden told Abbas “Only Jesus can fulfill your demands”

A ruler who listens to lies, All his ministers will be wicked.




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July 22, 2022

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Ramallah News reported that in an interview, the Palestinian Affairs Unit Chief George Noll said that President Joe Biden responded to PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ demands by saying “that these demands need the Lord Jesus, the miracle maker, to fulfill them.”

The Ramallah News report was first reported in English by Elder of Ziyon. The two leaders met in Bethlehem, the city Christians recognize as the birthplace of Jesus, one week ago. The White House report on the event made no mention of a comment referring to Jesus. At the meeting, Biden assured Abbas of his support for a militarized Palestinian state inside Israel’s borders, ethnically cleansed of Jews, and with its capital in an exclusively Muslim Jerusalem. This plan is commonly referred to as a “two-state solution.”

According to the Ramallah News report, Noll commented, ” “America is against the occupation and against settlements, but there are those who believe that the United States is able to pick up the phone and ask Israel to do such and such. I wish it were this way, but it is not.”

“He pointed out that Biden had suffered from the violation of the dignity of the Palestinians,” Noll reported told Ramallah News, “Indicating that this was what prompted him to stress the importance of preserving the dignity of the Palestinian people.

“[Noll] indicated that his country is still pressuring Israel to open the US consulate office in occupied Jerusalem,” the report continued.”He pointed out that the matter is still in the hands of ‘Israel’, especially since the law states that the country hosting the consulate is the one who gives approval for the residency decision. He explained that the US office for Palestinian affairs in Jerusalem is carrying out the same tasks and procedures that the consulate is supposed to carry out.”

At the meeting, the President also promised $316 million in aid to the PA. Biden also announced that his administration would be providing an extra $200 million for UNRWA. It is unclear how this aid does not violate the Taylor Force Act.

“Two states along the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed-to swaps, remain the best way to achieve an equal measure of security, prosperity, freedom and democracy for the Palestinians as well as Israelis,” Biden said at the meeting. Regarding Jerusalem, Biden said it must be “a city for all its people, its holy sites preserving the status quo,” and with “the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan continuing to serve as custodian… We must all be free to practice our faiths in peace, in safety and in dignity.”

“I was at first skeptical when I saw this story, but it is being reported in multiple outlets without being copied, so it really appears that George Noll said all these things,” Elder of Ziyon wrote.

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