Tel Aviv: One of The World’s Greatest Cities

July 14, 2022

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Visit Tel Aviv. And full a joy for life. This city is more alive than my beloved New York City has been for many years. After a 3-week stint I’m planning to return again for a few weeks for so many reasons.  Admittedly, before I went, I wasn’t aware that Time Out Magazine had called Tel Aviv the most fun city in the world.  After spending weeks there I am positive its true.

Beaches, dining, entertainment – its all done with style, taste and fun in mind.

I travel a lot – but Tel Aviv has a combination of things which I haven’t seen in other cities (NYC, Miami and Los Angeles don’t hold a candle to Tel Aviv.) The food choices are simply overwhelming – from the great coffee to fresh fruits, sushi to Mediterranean choices, from upscale great venues to fresh food where the menu changes daily, the choices are outstanding. From Taizu which brands itself as an Asiaterrranen restaurant to North Abraxas which is simply amazing, the restaurant scene is one of the best in the world.

Walk the streets of Carmel Market and amidst the hustle and bustle of yelling shop keepers, find Habasta where the menu changes daily and the menu is written on a piece of paper. Make sure to visit Meli Melo on Tuesday nights when people dance on tables or find any of the dozen restaurants where people congregate have fun and enjoy life.

The streets are filled with life – kids bustling, people on bikes and scooters, stylish and happy. Rothschild Boulevard sees people walking hand in hand all hours of the day and night, plentiful choices for entertainment and more.  The Norman Hotel is one of the world’s best – gorgeous gardens and private settings for work and play.

Seeking to dance and party – saw a vibrant scene which out-parties even Miami. The beaches – where the water is warm, people play games for hours on the beach, public beach chairs are plentiful and there’s a great public pool right on the beach – along with parks where you can work out.

The people – warm, fun, outgoing, open-minded to people of all backgrounds.

Tel Aviv is simply one of the world’s most outstanding cities.  Go visit and go visit often.

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