How Trump’s Israel team accomplished the impossible revealed in new book

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July 10, 2022

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Israel365’s Rabbi Tuly Weisz interviewed Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone on Sunday about his new book, “Let My People Know: The Incredible Story of Middle East Peace and What Lies Ahead.”  Lightstone is the former Senior Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords.


In his new book, “Let My People Know” the author provides an insider’s look at the steps taken to strike the Abraham Accords and the challenges involved in advancing the US-Israel relationship against all odds. “I loved hearing Aryeh Lightstone’s fascinating anecdotes about President Trump’s dream team in the Middle East,” said Tuly Weisz. “David Friedman, Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo and Niki Haley accomplished so much for America and Israel in 4 years. The worst part about “Let My People Know” is the strong disappointment it will leave you that the Trump administration didn’t receive a second term! Anyone who loves America and Israel needs to read this book so we can have higher expectations of what is possible when America treats its Allies like true friends.”


Rich and exciting

Calling the US-Israel relationship “rich and exciting,” Lightstone kicked off the interview calling his task of articulating the Washington-Jerusalem message an “honor.”

Originally an educator, Lightstone transitioned to investing heavily in the Iran deal. His dedication to the mission of raising awareness of the Iranian nuclear threat eventually landed him a job as Friedman’s chief of staff.

During the discussion, Rabbi Lightstone describes the sense of urgency in the Jerusalem embassy. “When you can do the right thing, you do it now” was Friedman’s response to any challenge Rabbi Lightstone faced when advancing the US-Israel message.


Acting in Washington’s interest

On Trump’s moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Lightstone said that it “showed the world that the United States is going to act in our own interests and when we act in our own interests, the rest of the world can see where the chips will fall, and they want them to fall with us. And that’s where the UAE went, and that’s where Bahrain went, and that’s where Morocco went, and that’s where Sudan went, and that’s where Kosovo went.” In 2021, Kosovo became the first European and Muslim-majority country to establish its embassy in Jerusalem, following the U.S. and Guatemala.

More will follow

Lightstone predicts that “more will follow when the United States of America leads.”
He is also optimistic about the prospect of other Muslim nations aligning with Israel in the future, saying: “the respect I’ve seen in between co-religionists – Christians, Jews, Muslims far surpasses the hatred that many of us have seen from people who are anti-religion. Believing that monotheism as a common ground can be a major factor in uniting Israel with other Muslim nations, Lightstone adds: “the fact that it’s called the ‘Abraham Accords’ shows that this is steeped within people who want to bring values and run their lives by values that matter to the one true God.”

Never asking for foreign protection

Unlike other US allies, Israel is unique in that it doesn’t rely on Washington to defend it, saying: “Israel has never asked for a single American troop to stand there. Israel doesn’t want a single US soldier to serve for it. Israel wants the ability to stand on its own against common enemies.” According to Rabbi Lightstone, that notion is what the Abraham Accords idea is “trying to expand.”
“It’s trying to add more believers and peace and prosperity to the fight against evil.”
On President Joe Biden’s upcoming visit to Israel on Wednesday, Lightstone told Israel365 News that sources in the Gulf States have called on the rabbi to “carry the mantle.”
“Treat our allies like allies and our enemies like enemies, and if that happens, you will wind up with enormous success,” the rabbi pontificated.
“That’s good for everybody. It’s good for Israel. It’s good for America, and it’s good for our allies in the region,” he added.
Lightstone offered a hopeful future for peace in the region, saying: “There will be peace. There will be prosperity. There will be security.”

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