Teaching Bible prophecy made cool with hip new music video

After that, I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; Your sons and daughters shall prophesy; Your old men shall dream dreams, And your young men shall see visions.




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June 13, 2022

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Ten years ago, Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of-days writer and lecturer, had his lectures put to music.

The result was both entertaining and enlightening. But a revisit reveals that the pre-Messiah situations he spoke/sang about are even more relevant and real today.

Rabbi Winston made Aliyah from Canada and immersed himself in Torah. After watching a video of lectures by prominent scientists put to music, the rabbi thought it would be effective to do the same for his Torah lectures. He tracked down the artist who did the video and arranged with him to create a video of his lectures focusing on what he thought were his main messages. The result is riveting, both for its artistic merit and its prophetic implications”. Appropriate to the message, Rabbi Winston titled it “Geula B’Rachamim/A Merciful Redemption.”

“It took off but got some pushback at the time,” Rabbi Winston told Israel365 News. “Some people felt it wasn’t a ‘Jewish’ thing to do. But I knew from teaching for years that just the words alone would not get the message out. And it is vitally important that people hear this message. And not just once. It needs to be listened to until it sinks in and leads to action, to change.”

“There are several messages, the primary one being that we are in serious trouble and we need to wake up to the fact that we are in the final days before Redemption and Exile is not the place you want to be. This was way before COVID, before any of the current craziness, like the BLM riots or the trans stuff, hit the US.”

“I was always on this track, as far back as 1990. I didn’t look for it. I didn’t read the news and then applied Bible verses to it. What I did was I learned the Jewish sources pertaining to the end-of-days and wrote books weaving together these sources. Then when current events started catching up to what I was writing, people started paying attention. I saw in the sources that history would come together, and I wrote about it. According to the sources, I wrote that a huge event that would shake up America was about to happen. And then, when the 9-11 attacks took place, people started asking me how I knew a catastrophe like that would happen. When the Soviet Union fell, it fit right into the timeline described in the sources. I didn’t have a prophetic vision or a special gift. I had a good knowledge of history, a bit of intuition, and most importantly, I focused on the Jewish sources.” 

But this insight was not as well-received as Rabbi Winston had hoped it would be. He began teaching at a prominent Torah institution in Jerusalem. From the outset, his lectures were popular. But he was surprised as time passed and new students came from overseas, requesting the lectures he had given the previous year.

“Word had gotten out,” Rabbi Winston said. “And as the former students saw the stages in redemption that I described actually happening, rumors about my lecture took on a different quality. New students were catching on and looking to learn the Jewish sources on geula (redemption), something that was not taught in the seminaries back then and are still not mainstream. My classes were standing room only. At the end of one class in 2004, the administration gave me an ultimatum; go back to the mainstream curriculum or leave.”

“I had a pivotal moment,” Rabbi Winston said. “I could continue to teach, pursue a career in education that I had been preparing for many years, or go out on my own. I realized that there were many rabbis that could teach in that institution and who wanted to do so. But very few rabbis were speaking about geula in the Jewish sources. So I decided to go out on my own.”

One of the more persistent messages in the video is for Jews to come to Israel in what the rabbi described as part of the general redemption and the personal salvation of those Jews remaining outside of Israel.

“It isn’t home,” he said. “I am pleased that since the video came out, several people have approached me to tell me that the video influenced them to move to Israel. They were probably already open to it and a combination of the video getting their attention and emerging events convinced them. Historically and Biblically, we see that there are only two ways a Jew leaves the exile; either he wants to, or he is forced to. The Jews who had already moved to Israel mostly wanted to. But we are about to enter the second stage for Jews still in exile.”

“Trump rose to power just to give Jews one last chance to get out,” Rabbi Winston said. “That door is closing faster than people even realize. Antisemitism is far worse globally than it has ever been. Biden is dead set on reversing everything Trump did, even the blatantly positive policies. His supporters don’t like America, and they realized that they can control it for their own ends.”

“Basically, everything I said has come into play,” “The video was just the beginning of what I was picking up on. And now, even the biggest skeptics are worried about where events are leading. What the skeptics and the secular don’t understand is that since we are in God’s world and in a relationship with Him, we can sweeten the judgments as part of the redemption. Part of that is wanting to come to Israel.”

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