For 1st time since 1967: Judea-Samaria may no longer be part of Israel

Every spot on which your foot treads I give to you, as I promised Moshe.




(the israel bible)

June 7, 2022

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Israel has never annexed Judea and Samaria since the army won the Six-day War in 1967. So to legally enforce the law for Israeli citizens in that region, the government has consistently voted on an ’emergency law’ or the ‘Judea and Samaria’ law. This law grants Israeli citizens to enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of living in Israel. But on Monday the vote failed for the first time since 1967.

The cancellation of the law has until July 1 to be reversed. If it is not, Israeli civilian law will not apply to Israeli citizens living in post-1967 Israel. This means no police, no health services, or civilian courts. The IDF would handle all legal matters, as they control the region.

“Any Israeli living in Judea-Samaria will no longer have social benefits,” senior fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security Emmanuel Navon told Israel365 News.

“Any crime will be judged in a military court,” he added saying that it would be “a different country.”

“If the law is not renewed by the end of the month, any Israeli resident will become a foreigner under military rule.”

On the bright side, Navon, a lecturer at Hebrew University, said that Israelis in Judea-Samaria will no longer need to pay taxes.

“The Israeli law will no longer apply to you if you cross the green line.”

Although many believe that the government will collapse before the emergency law goes into effect, Navon, who himself lives in the Judean town of Efrat, left room for pessimism, saying that the law’s cancellation might not be reversed because: “the opposition would be so irresponsible.”

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