The Final Solution – A Breakthrough in Diplomacy!

May 2, 2022

2 min read

The current Israeli government has discovered the solution for the conflict with our Arab neighbors.

It’s to remove all Jews from the conflict.

Yes, they have figured out that if they allow the Arabs to do as they please. Taking over our holiest sites, like the Temple Mount and the Tomb of Joeseph. Vandalizing, destroying and raising a terrorist flag as the cherry on the top, banning all Jews from entering the area, then it creates a tranquil peace, with no one injured or killed.

Well, no one injured or killed except for the essence of Zionism and the natural and divine right of the Jewish people to return to their ancestral homeland.

Yes, they have succeeded in creating peace, by taking the Arab position of choosing to throw ourselves into the sea. You see, if we all just quietly leave, the Arabs will have no one to attack, no reason to engage…

And historically, that strategy has been so successful with ISIS in Sinai, Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, that we just need to replicate this process for Jerusalem and Sheikh Manus and we will finally have what our founding fathers never dreamed of…peace without the Jews.

I am used to going on a rollercoaster of emotions every year with Memorial Day leading into Independence Day, but nothing could have prepared me for this years ultimate rollercoaster. Ten days watching the destruction of Joseph’s Tomb and the PLO flag flying from the Temple Mount, followed by joyous celebration over our “independence”.

It’s about time our nation woke up and smelled the coffee. Every year that goes by that we do not enforce our complete sovereignty over our land. We lose more of our ability to hold on to our Land and claim our birthright.

If we don’t come to this realization soon, our Independence Day will turn into our Naqba Day!

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